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Hey Canada! Don’t Like Rogers iPhone Pricing? Then Don’t Buy The iPhone!


I’ve reported on Rogers announcing their completely out of touch with reality service pricing for the iPhone, and the resulting anger from the Apple Fanbois. There’s a on-line petition that has over 23 thousand signatures on it, and it has gotten a ton of media attention. But if you want to send a Rogers about their iPhone service pricing, the way to do that is clear.

Don’t buy the iPhone.

I know that sounds simple, but it is. Nothing makes a company reconsider stupidty more than sales that suck. All the protests, negative media attention, blog postings or on-line petitions won’t matter to Rogers. But iPhone sales that suck will make a difference to them as the only thing that matters to Rogers is money.

Of course, it would be nice if Ted Rogers didn’t focus on ARPU and instead focused on giving his customers what they want for once. But I don’t see that happening. So the only way to shake him to his senses is to deprive hm of cash. If you have other Rogers services why not cancel your cable TV service, your high speed Internet, and your home phone service too so that Rogers really gets the message. If that happens Canadians might not only get realistic iPhone service pricing, but realistic wireless pricing overall.

Imagine that.

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