Samsung Instinct Available At Bell With An Unlimited Data Plan… Pay Attention Rogers! [UPDATED]

The Samsung Instinct (billed as an iPhone killer by many) has been selling like wildfire in the US on Sprint and Bell has managed to bring it to Canada starting in August. Here’s the cool part: Bell has an $10 UNLIMITED data plan for it. You read that correctly. UNLIMITED DATA FOR $10 A MONTH. (click here for a full description of what that means)

Now clearly Bell has not been my favorite company as of late. But you have to give them points for putting customers first unlike Rogers and their absolutely out of touch with reality service plan pricing for the iPhone. I’m guessing a lot of people who were going to buy iPhones may give the Instinct a look for no other reason than the data plan is much more reasonable.

I’m guessing that some Rogers execs are huddled someplace trying to figure out how to respond to this. It should be interesting to see what response they have in store.

UPDATE: Check out the comments from the Globe And Mail. Sounds like most people are looking not to buy the iPhone unless it has a unlimited plan and some are planning to dump Rogers and buy the Instinct. It looks like Bell has gotten the attention that it wanted even though the phone won’t be in Bell stores until way after the iPhone appears in Rogers stores. Sucks to be you Rogers.

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