Telus Has The HTC Touch Diamond With An Unlimited Plan Too….. What About You Rogers? [UPDATED]

As if Bell kicking sand in Rogers face isn’t enough, now Telus is getting in on the fun. They’ve just posted that the HTC Touch Diamond (another iPhone killer) is coming to their network in August. And Just like Bell, they’re offering an unlimited plan. Their unlimited plan is $30 (Look below the picture of the HTC Touch Diamond). While it’s not the $10 that Bell is offering, at least they have an unlimited plan unlike those rip off artists Rogers.

So Rogers, your main competition have consumer smart phones with unlimited plans that are actually affordable. How much longer do you think you can justify your pricing for the iPhone? Because if you’re banking on the fact that people will buy it because it’s an iPhone, you’re in for a rude awakening.

UPDATE: This link indicates they’re getting the Samsung Instinct as well. No word on data plan pricing for it, but I don’t expect Rogers like pricing.

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