Apple Stores In Canada Won’t Sell The iPhone….. Rogers Gets Rogered [UPDATED x2]

AppleInsider has CONFIRMED information that Apple Stores in Canada will not be selling the iPhone (unlike every other country that has the iPhone), although they will have demo units in the stores. This appears to be in reaction to Rogers absolutely crappy service plans for the iPhone:

“Asked whether the decision not to sell the iPhone was a result of Rogers’ poor service offerings, the representative would only say that: “We have nothing to do with the service plans. Those are Rogers’ plans.””

This would seem to confirm the information that I posted this past weekend. Rogers deserves to have this happen to them, and I am glad that Apple has taken this stance. It is about time that someone stand up to Rogers and the way they treat customers. But I think the real bitch slap is to come this Friday when the mainstream media and bloggers report on the experience of buying an iPhone on day one. I’m guessing that it’s not going to go well for Rogers.

UPDATE: CBC is now reporting this as well.

UPDATE #2: It now seems that only US Apple Stores will be selling the iPhone. Other countries will have to get the iPhone from their authorized telcos.

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