Bell & Telus Face Class Action Lawsuits Over Text Fee….. Sux 2 B Thm!

You’ll recall that Canadians hit the roof when Bell and Telus decided to charge for incoming text messages. It was so upsetting that the normally usless Industry Minister Jim Prentice called both Bell and Telus on the carpet to explain this. Not to mention the NDP decided to start a petition to stop this. Now there’s a new development. Bell and Telus are being sued by a Montreal man who is ticked off enough by this to try and hit them where it hurts.  Oh yeah, the suit is one of the class action variety, so it will really hurt if it is certified. This is not the first class action lawsuit that these two money hungry scumbags companies are facing. A second suit was filed on July 14th by the same law firm. If you want to add your name to this, click here for the info on the Telus suit, and click here for the Bell one. Both links are in French, so I have provided English links for both Bell and Telus as well via Google Translate.

Let’s see if Bell and Telus do the smart thing and back away from this idiotic idea.

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  1. Annabel Says:

    There is a petition where 13394 people signed already

    Canadian consumers pay on average 33% more for cell phone use than American consumers;

    THEREFORE, your petitioners call upon the government to support Bill C-555 at all stages in Parliament as quickly as possible. [www_davidmcguinty_com]

    Hope this helps : ) and we get facts not only petitions….

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