Rogers Extends 6GB For $30/Month Plan Because They “Learned A Lot”…. No Kidding

From the department called “duh,” Rogers have decided to extend the 6 GB for $30/month plan that they came out with when they totally screwed up the marketing responded to customer demand for an affordable iPhone plan:

“The Toronto-based company, Canada’s largest cellphone provider, on Thursday said it will extend the $30-a-month data plan — which lets owners of iPhones, other smartphones and computer laptop aircards download up to six gigabytes a month — until the end of September. Rogers announced the plan, which was to expire on Aug. 31, in July when it launched Apple Inc.’s 3G iPhone.

Liz Hamilton, spokesperson for Rogers, said the plan is being extended so that buyers of the BlackBerry Bold, which was released last week, can take advantage of it.”

But wait! There’s More:

“Rogers will introduce a $25-a-month data plan for the iPhone and other smartphones on Oct. 1 that will allow 500 megabytes of downloading per month, which will be bundled with a three-month promotion of unlimited usage. Another plan will allow one gigabyte of usage for $30.”

And if that’s not enough, there’s still more:

“The company is also rolling out a “peace of mind protection plan” on Oct. 1, which will allow customers to get a better idea of how much data they are using. Customers will get periodic free incoming text messages warning them when they cross certain usage thresholds, such as when they have downloaded 80 per cent of their monthly data allotment. Also, excess usage charges that come into effect when the customer exceeds their monthly limit will be capped at $100.”

Why is Rogers doing all of this? Let Liz Hamilton explain:

“We learned a lot,” she said. “We were educated by customers by what they wanted and we were educated by customers by what they used.”

That I think would translate to: “Our customers got really ticked off at us and that threatened our revenue stream. Plus it generated  a ton of bad press. So we had to react or our profits would nosedive. Oh yeah, Ted Rogers would likely fire my ass too.”

But seriously, it is nice to see Rogers finally get a clue. We’ll see if their sudden outbreak of common sense lasts.

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