Telus To CBC: We’re Not Forcing People To Dump Unlimited Plans, But We’re Not Sorry To See Them Go Either

Telus has shot back over the circus that they created when they pulled a “bait and switch” with their unlimited data plans. According to Telus, they’re not canceling anyone who doesn’t switch from an unlimited data plan:

“Jim Johannsson, spokesman for Telus, said the company was not forcing customers onto other plans and would continue to honour the Connect 75 Unlimited option for those already signed up.

A small number of customers — or “0.1 per cent” — were being cancelled, he said, because their heavy usage was slowing the company’s wireless network and affecting speeds for the vast majority of users.

“These are not typical or normal users, their activities are placing extreme demands on the network that are simply way beyond reasonable,” he wrote in an e-mail to “Unfortunately we have to take action — imagine an ‘all you can eat buffet’ where one customer comes in and loads all of the potatoes in a giant basket and takes it out to his car. As the restaurant owner, you have to deal with the issue to ensure your other customers are able to enjoy their dinner. We have to take action to protect the other 99.9 per cent of our customers.”

In other words, its the same old song and dance that all the telcos give when they get caught in situations like these. Blame a few mysterious people for the need to screw everybody else over. But what gets my attention is the fact that the Telus sock puppet spokesperson claims that they aren’t just dumping customers who don’t switch despite evidence to the contrary. Of course, that’s likely spin as evidenced by this statement:

“As we contacted those customers, we found that some were well aware that they were violating the terms of service and were not surprised to get a call from us. Just like the wired internet, we know that some abusers employ a strategy of moving from carrier to carrier and abusing the services until they get caught,” he said. “They also tend to be the most vocal on online blogs claiming that their rights have been violated.”

Here’s a news flash dude. I am a blogger and I am not one of your customers. But I am vocal because you are not treating your customers fairly. So that means that your comment is flawed.

There is good news though:

“Customers who cancel their service can do so without penalties and return their aircards for a full refund, Johannson added.”

Great. Let the mass defections from Telus begin! It’s exactly what they deserve.

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  1. Telus is trying to force unlimited contract holders to take a more limited package or have their contracts terminated based on charges that they have violated the terms of service. Specifically, Telus reps cite section 5 of the terms where it states that the service is not to be used for streaming multi-media streaming.

    Section 5 of the Telus Service Terms states:

    “You will use the service for customary voice, messaging and wireless data purposes only. You will not use the service for multi-media streaming, voice over internet protocol; or any other application which uses excessive network capacity or may otherwise adversely impact other users, that is not made available to you by Telus Mobility.”

    Yet, on the Telus website that promotes the EVDO High Speed network it states:

    “The TELUS Wireless High Speed network allows for fast and reliable Internet connections. This opens the door for a variety of services such as streaming video and other multimedia applications. Mobile professionals will be able to get broadband-like connections to corporate Intranets, e-mail servers, the Internet, and other online services.”

    So how do you violate the terms of service if that’s what the service allows you to do?

  2. Eric G Says:


    It was exactly the riot act that was given to me. My usage was primarily VPN, Citrix Remote Access/MS Remote Desktop, Email and web browsing. I later found out a friend who used it for facebook and email was given the same ToS rip.

    This announcement is simply a spokes person who was told to give the “There’s nothing to see here, move along” like the police of old. It gets filed between Weapons of Mass Destruction and “Santa Does Exist”.

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