Nvidia Says There’s No Issues With Their GPUs…. Yeah Right!

You knew this was coming. Nvidia has denied that there’s anything wrong with their GPUs. You know, the ones that have been failing right left and center much to everybody’s frustration?:

“NVIDIA flatly denied it, saying that only a small batch of parts delivered to HP was affected by the problem.”

Oh really? Then explain this Nvidia:

“Of course, now other notebook manufacturers like Dell and ASUS are also affected. In fact, practically all notebooks using these GPUs are affected by the problem.”

They don’t of course (or at least they haven’t yet). Of course they do the only thing they can which is blame someone else for the issue. Then only thing is, that doesn’t come off well either:

“As much as NVIDIA would like to lay the blame on TSMC (the guys who actually fabricated the GPUs for them), the fabrication process is NOT the cause of the problem. After all, TSMC makes a lot of other chips for other companies using the same process. You do not see their other clients facing the same problem. Obviously, the problem lies closer to home.”

I’ve said it before. Nvidia needs to get a clue and deal with this straight up. Their stonewalling and denials have made me not consider them as an option the next time I need a graphics card or if I am buying a pre-built computer. I know others who feel the same way. In the end, dealing with it will cost less than just denying that the issue exists.

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