Nvidia Denies They Have Any Plans To Build An x86 CPU

You’ll recall that when this rumor first appeared, I said that Nvidia wasn’t going to come out with an x86 CPU for a variety of reasons. Now here’s the official word from Nvidia themselves:

But speaking to PC Pro, Chris Malachowsky, another co-founder and senior vice president, was unequivocal.

“That’s not our business,” he insisted. “It’s not our business to build a CPU. We’re a visual computing company, and I think the reason we’ve survived the other 35 companies who were making graphics at the start is that we’ve stayed focused.”

He also pointed out that such a move would expose the company to fierce competition. “Are we likely to build a CPU and take out Intel?” he asked.”I don’t think so, given their thirty-year head start and billions and billions of dollars invested in it. I think staying focused is our best strategy.”

So there you go. It’s not happening. End of rumor!

Of course the ongoing circus with their defective graphics chipsets that they deny are defective might be another reason why they wouldn’t get involved making an x86 CPU. But that’s just likely accurate speculation on my part.

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