Apple & AT&T Sued For Overselling iPhones…. WTF?

I know that people out there aren’t happy about the performance of the iPhone 3G, but to file a lawsuit over allegedly overselling the iPhones seems a bit much to me. Apparently it isn’t too much for a guy in San Diego who relied on Internet reports to not only sue Apple, but AT&T as well:

“[William] Gillis particularly criticizes AT&T. Although company new media representative Brad Mays has gone on record as saying the iPhone 3G has been “performing great” on its 3G network, the plaintiff counters by pointing to claims that the handset has required too much power. In tandem with the “high volume” of iPhones sold, the sheer signal demand has bombarded AT&T and in many cases kicks users down to the EDGE-based 2G network even when 3G coverage is guaranteed, according to the lawsuit.”

To top it off, he’s looking for class action status for this lawsuit.

Now, this is usually the part of the post where I usually make some snide remark about how dumb this lawsuit is and how this guy should get a clue, but I won’t do that. And this is also the part of the post where I would say that Apple and AT&T need to get their act together and make these issues go away, but I won’t do that either.

What I will say is that I will just sit back and watch this lawsuit fall flat on its face. Plus I will watch to see how AT&T and Apple respond to this. It might actually be entertaining for something longer than 30 seconds.

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  1. people are sue-happy. this is a completely silly lawsuit. just wait – this Christmas someone will sue Sony for selling too many PS3 units which (making things up here) sold out extra controllers and all the hit games leaving some kids without games to play on Christmas day.

    i guess us civilians aren’t the only ones with crazy lawsuits. what about that time Apple decided to sue New York for using an apple as their city logo?

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