An Update On My Toyota Matrix…. It Seems That I Am Not Alone…

First, let me update you on my issue with my Toyota Matrix (click here in case you need to catch up on this nightmare of mine). The car continues to work just fine as I type this. So I continue to remain optimistic that it is fixed and fixed for good.

I think I mentioned that my postings about this issue got thousands of page views. It seems that one of them was from another Toyota Matrix owner in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada) who has an interest in my story. He has the same model of Toyota Matrix that I have with exactly the same options and he loves the car…. however:

And just the other day as it rolled past 15,000km all the warning lights came on for us too. The vsc control, the awd light, the engine light. Took it to the dealer, and the code was for ” Camshaft Position “A” Circuit Malfunction”. They checked the sensor, and the sensor was fine. checked the wiring harness ( was good), and cleared the code, and told me they suspect the ECU may have had a glitch. They said if it happens again, they will check it again, and may have to replace the ECU.  So we will see if it comes back, and I suspect it will, since really all they did was clear a code. Having a Camshaft malfunction, doesn’t sound like it would be an easy fix, if there truly was a camshft malfunction ready to happen, and the car was trying to warn me about it!

The fact that he has the same symptoms that I had seems to indicate that the problems with my car may not have been a fluke. But perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself. He’s promised to keep me posted on his progress and he plans to take my postings on my experience to his dealer.

I hope he has better luck than I did as I do not wish my experience on anyone.


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