My Customer Service Nightmares

My Battle To Get My Toyota Matrix Fixed

I had a really weird issue with my Toyota Matrix that I had to escalate all the way to Toyota Canada before I could get it fixed. It was a really frustrating experience, and I have documented it just in case my experience can help someone else:

It’s Official….. Customer Service Is Dead [UPDATED x2]

An Update On My Toyota Customer Service Issue [UPDATED x2]

Another Update On My Toyota Customer Service Issue [UPDATED]

Today’s Update On My Toyota Customer Service Issue…. Hopefully The Last One [UPDATED]

An Update On My Toyota Matrix…. It Seems That I Am Not Alone…

So It’s Been Over 90 Days Since My Nightmare With My Toyota Matrix….

I Owe Toyota A [Qualified] Apology

Dumping Bell As My Home Phone Provider

I had a very negative experience with Bell Canada when my phone went out. This spurred me to switch providers.

Bell Canada Customer Service = FAIL

An Update On My Bell Customer Service Experience

Bye Bye Bell! – Part 1

Bye Bye Bell! – Part 2 [UPDATED]

Bye Bye Bell! – Part 3

Bye Bye Bell! – Part 4

Bye Bye Bell! – Part 5

Bye Bye Bell! – Part 6

Bye Bye Bell – Part 7

Bye Bye Bell! – Part 8

My Battle To Get My Teksavvy DSL Fixed

I had stability issues with my Teksavvy DSL service after a speed bump that was really frustrating due to the fact that Teksavvy was unable to answer their phones in a timely manner and I had to resort to getting angry on Twitter to get help. Not a good experience and it could have been completely avoided in my opinion.

Teksavvy Long Hold Times – Not Good For Business [UPDATED x2]

My Sunday Part Two – A Fix For My Teksavvy DSL Issue

Wrapping Up My Teksavvy DSL Repair Experience

Teksavvy Responds To My Posts About My DSL Repair Experience

Hey IT Nerd! Are You Still Going To Switch From Teksavvy?

Teksavvy Gets Dumped For Rogers

The reliability issues that I had with my Teksavvy DSL returned and affected my voice line as well. This time, they couldn’t fix them due to the incompetence of Bell (which forced me to fly home from a clients location in the US to deal with this). But they also rubbed me the wrong way because they didn’t seem to want to take responsibility for this. In the end, I was forced to switch my phone and Internet to Rogers. Though, there were some minor hiccups with that too.

Here We Go Again: My Teksavvy DSL Is Down

The Nightmare With Teksavvy Ends…. Painfully [UPDATED x2]

Migrating To Rogers Was…. Painless

A Follow Up To My Rogers Install

The Honeymoon With Rogers MAY Be Over

An Update To My Rogers Billing Issue

Hey IT Nerd! Do You Regret Moving To Rogers?

My MacBook Pro Has Repeated Hard Drive Failures

I had several hard drives fail in my MacBook Pro within a very short period of time. The good news was that it was under AppleCare. The bad news was getting it fixed and then having it fail again was absolutely frustrating before I solved the problem myself by buying my own hard drive which is something I should not have to have done seeing as it was under warranty. During this, it came to light that Apple appeared to have a consistent quality problem with some models of the MacBook Pro which does not inspire confidence.

What’s Up With The Apple Genius Bar? & A Follow Up On My Apple Genius Bar Experience

Why Is My MacBook Pro Cursed? & Apple Is Quickly Losing Me As A Customer &  A Light At The End Of The Tunnel? & Things Are Almost Back To Normal

Another Drive Failure For My MacBook Pro

It Seems That Apple Does Have A Quality Problem With The MacBook Pro

Hey IT Nerd! How’s The Hard Drive For Your MacBook Pro Working For You?

So It’s Been 90 Days And My MacBook Pro Is Still Fine… Though I Did Have A Scare

Related to all of this is this review of the Western Digital Black hard drive that I installed after the third drive failure and have had no issues since doing so. That supports the fact that Apple does have systemic quality issues that they have not addressed.

Replacing The Toyota Matrix With Something That Doesn’t Burn Oil

This time my Toyota Matrix burns oil at a rate that is not normal. But it doesn’t burn enough oil that Toyota will fix it. Thus I’ve documented what happened when I tried to get it addressed with Toyota, then my process of replacing the Matrix with something more reliable when Toyota Canada chose not to address the issue.

Don’t Call It A Recall: Toyota Canada

Time To Replace The Toyota Matrix With Something More Reliable?

A Contender Falls And A New One Joins The List

I really Hate Shopping For Cars

The Results Are In

Hey IT Nerd! What Key Features Are You Looking For In A Car?

Hey IT Nerd! What Could Toyota Canada Do To Keep You As A Customer?

Goodbye Toyota Matrix…. Hello Hyundai Tucson


Getting Gigabit Speed From Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet

My wife and I were offered a deal to get Rogers Gigabit Internet and Cable TV for a really low price which we went for.But what should have been “plug and play” became far more of a challenge than it should have been.

Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet: Not Living Up To The Hype [UPDATED x5]

I Now Have Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet…. And It Works

Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet: Not Living Up To The Hype…. AGAIN

Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet: It Is Working Again… Mostly

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