Telus Urges “Caution” With Globealive Decision…. Whatever

I’ve been looking for a press release relating to Telus suing Rogers and I tripped over this press release instead. Apparently, Telus wants Industry Minister Tony Clement who is reviewing the CRTC decision to keep Globealive out of the wireless market to “proceed with caution.”

TELUS has never been opposed to foreign ownership restrictions being lifted, but has asked simply that all wireless carriers in Canada operate under the same rules without an artificial and unfair advantage being handed to any one company by the government or the CRTC.

Yeah, right. You’re just afraid of competition. The fact that the Conservative Government is pro free enterprise and anti CRTC scares the crap out out of you. Telus likely thinks that the decision isn’t going to go their way and that’s why they put out this press release asking for “caution.”

Hopefully the Industry Minister ignores this and makes the right decision which is to open up the wireless market in Canada to more competition.


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