Rogers And Fido Release New Phones…. And Some Of Them Have Some “Green” Cred

Over the last week, Rogers and Fido have both released new phones that will get your attention. First I’ll start with the Rogers brand and I’ll let “my best friends at Rogers” give you the details about the Samsung Flight:

The device has a 3” touchscreen and unique portrait-style QWERTY keyboard. It is $69.99 on a three year contract.
You can find more details in Samsung’s press release here.

I checked the press release and it has a few more details:

Flight is the social butterfly of the wireless world, offering users enhanced multimedia functionality through a 2.8″ touch screen that slides back to uncover a full QWERTY keyboard. Users can also share videos and 2.0 MP resolution photos with their friends and family through SMS and MMS, Instant Messaging and mobile e-mail.

The press release didn’t say what OS it runs (other than to mention that it has JAVA) so it’s a safe bet it’s not running anything like Android. It’s $69.99 on a three year contract.

Now from the Fido brand comes three phones that are great for the eco types out there. Starting with the Sony Ericsson Naite:

The device provides environmentally friendly features like:

·       A minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled plastics
·       A C02 emissions calculator
·       A low power consumption charger
·       Packaging that uses 92% less paper than standard boxes
·       An e-manual
·       Waterborne paint

The device also comes with a Twitter and Facebook application, a 2 MP camera, a built-in FM radio and MP3 player.

If that got your attention, then you can pick one up at for $25 on a two year plan. But this phone isn’t the only one that Fido offers that is eco friendly. Fido also offers the Moto Renew and Moto Renew+ , both of them made from 25% post-consumer recycled plastic. you can pick up the Renew for $0 on a two year plan and the Renew+ for $15 on a two year plan.

So if you’re on Rogers and Fido and you’re due for a new phone, you have four more options to choose from.

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