Bell Aliant Sues Rogers… Says Rogers Claims About Their Internet Service Are “False And Misleading” [UPDATED]

It seems that Bell Aliant (Bell Canada’s Eastern Canada arm) is sick of hearing about how fast Rogers Internet supposedly is because they’ve filed suit to get Rogers to stop saying that:

In the claim filed on Monday, Bell Aliant said Rogers’ advertising is “false and misleading with respect to their claims to having the ‘fastest and most reliable’ high speed Internet product.”

If this sounds familiar, it’s because Rogers and Telus have filed similar lawusits over who is fastest and most reliable. So this is just the latest in that circus IMHO.

See you in court!

UPDATE: Rogers sent me this statement: “We stand behind our advertising, which is based on rigorous, independent testing throughout Rogers Atlantic footprint, and not just one area or location. This independent testing shows that  our High-Speed Internet customers benefit from the fastest and most reliable speeds which we look forward to proving in court.” Let the games begin.

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