Bye Bye Bell! – Part 2 [UPDATED]

As you likely read in my last entry, my wife and I have decided to dump Bell Canada as our home phone provider and switch to Teksavvy since we get our Internet from them and they have excellent customer service. A reader e-mailed me to ask why I put a such an emphasis on the latter. The reason is simple: Given that there’s any number of companies that can supply you with the same services (in this case, home phone), the only thing that sets a company apart from its competitors is the quality of their customer service. We’ve had great experiences with Teksavvy thus far, and we are hoping that continues with their home phone service.

My wife and I called them just after 11AM today and we were on hold for 5 minutes before we got to an agent. Not a big deal as I’ve been on hold as long as 15 or 20 minutes with Bell, but it doesn’t help with the first impression that the customer gets. When we got to an agent, the process to set up everything was smooth. He explained everything in detail and answered all of our questions. From start to finish the process took about 15 minutes and we’d be getting an e-mail sometime today to confirm all the details. Overall, the process was very civilized. We have a date of March 30th set to make the switch and the Teksavvy rep was 99% sure that it would go smoothly. One big plus to this, Teksavvy is going to port our existing phone number across to them and cancel our Bell service for us. That is very cool as our last call to Bell and their attempts to keep our business were just a pain in the you know where.

We’ll report back on the 30th and let you know if everything went smoothly or not. We’ll also post updates as to if anything “interesting” happens between now and then. My feeling is that I’m about to hear from Bell Canada with a desperate attempt to keep our business.

UPDATE: Something that I forgot to mention, Teksavvy Home Phone includes $0.029/a minute long distance in Canada and the US. In my mind, that’s a very competitive rate as we occasionally have the need to dial long distance.


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