Here’s A Shock… Rogers Lets iPad Users Watch The World Cup For FREE

I got a note from my “best friends at Rogers” that completely caught me off guard:

“Just a heads up to let you know that Rogers has launched a FIFA World Cup application specifically for our iPad customers. The new app will allow you to live stream all the remaining 2010 FIFA World Cup games on your iPad.

As a special offer for iPad customers the application will be absolutely free to download and use and all data generated while using the app on the Rogers network will not come out of your monthly data bucket.

Customers can get the app from the iTunes app store. Just search Rogers LIVE 2010 FIFA World Cup.”

Let me get this straight. Rogers customers who have data service on their iPad can grab a FREE app that allows them to watch world cup games on their iPads for FREE on the Rogers network. Wow. That’s something I didn’t see coming. Rogers is going to get a lot of mileage out of this. So if you’re on the Rogers network with a 3G iPad, hit the App Store and get your footy fix.

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  1. i think it logical because ipad dose resemble a small tv screen lol. good to know thank you.

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