Rogers Releases Their Latest Innovation Report…. Very Interesting

I got an e-mail from “my best friends at Rogers” today with a link to their latest Rogers Innovation Report. Rogers releases these on a regular basis to get Canadians’ views on technology. Here’s the highlights from the latest one:

  • Canadians are hungry for the next generation of Internet with 72 per cent expecting the Internet to play an increasingly important role.
  • Would you give up sex or bathing for the Internet? 4 per cent said they would give up bathing while 6 per cent would give up sex.
  • What sorts of technology advancements would change the way you live your life? 38 per cent of people said that “smart” appliances would help them manage their household better. In other words, they’d pay extra for a fridge that orders groceries when they’re getting low. While 56 per cent of people said that they want to use a mobile device to check ingredient origins or how long an item has been on the store shelf.

Those are just a few of the examples. Check out the report for more. It’s very interesting.

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