Other Canadian Cell Carriers Join The Unlimited Party [UPDATED]

It looks like Rogers isn’t the only one to have an announcement involving unlimited cell phone plans. Other providers quickly joined the party:

  • Bell is joining the party by offering new plans that seem real familiar. If you take a look at their press release, they’ve pretty much matched Rogers.
  • Telus is next on the list with eerily similar plans as well according to MobileSyrup.
  • Fido which is owned by Rogers has a $57 plan that offers unlimited text and talk and 1GB of data. That doesn’t sound half bad to me. The only catch is that it is a limited time offer until November 25th.

So, is this good for Canadian cell phone users? Or shall I be cynical and chalk this up to this up to the oligopoly that exists in the Canadian cell phone marketplace? Post a comment and share your thoughts.

UPDATE: Telus has now issued a press release on their plans.

One Response to “Other Canadian Cell Carriers Join The Unlimited Party [UPDATED]”

  1. That Fido plan seems pretty good considering Long Distance in Canada is included. Still, if it’s contract, I’m not interested. Rogers already has my first born child.

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