Migrating To Rogers Was…. Painless

If you recall, I had DSL troubles with Teksavvy and I went through a lot of pain to get it fixed. At the end of it, my wife and I made the decision to switch to Rogers as Teksavvy was really unable to fix my issue in a timely manner as they don’t control the infrastructure from end to end. Thus they’re completely at the mercy of Bell in the case of my DSL connection. Plus they really didn’t seem like they wanted to take responsibility for this.

Now after I posted the second story on this, I got 31 e-mails from readers who basically said the same thing:

  • Rogers is expensive, but they’re stable and their services work.
  • I’ve never had to have a Rogers tech at my house to fix anything.
  • Any outages are typically a neighbourhood wide event and they get fixed quickly.

That further convinced me that I was making the right decision. So at this point, I turned things over to my wife who is a master negotiator to see what kind of deal she could work out. We had agreed to only switch the Internet to Rogers. But being the master negotiator that she is, she called me on my cell with the following deal:

  • Rogers Hybrid Fiber Internet 30 (30 Mbps downstream, 5 Mbps upstream) with a free modem and 270GB of usage a month
  • Rogers Home Phone with three features
  • A free 1TB PVR for my TV watching habits (Well, it’s a free rental for 3 years and it’s $1 to buy, so it’s basically free)

The net result is that our Rogers bill will go up by $30 a month. But if I look at what I was paying for Teksavvy phone and Internet, it will save us just over $20 a month.

Done deal! We made arrangements to get the services installed and our home phone number transferred over.

Fast forward to today. I had made an arrangement for Rogers to show up between 2 PM and 4 PM. Much to my surprise, the Rogers tech showed up at 1PM. That’s right, they showed up early. Bonus point to Rogers. After assessing what needed to be done, he went back to his truck to get what he needed and came back 15 minutes later and got to work. In less than 45 minutes, he had set up my Internet, phone and swapped my cable box and even made the remote work with my TV in seconds and checked to make sure my intercom worked. And it all worked perfectly at the end of the appointment.

I was impressed. This was the exact opposite of the experience that I have had up until this point. I really have to give Rogers credit in terms of how they deliver their services to customers. I admit that I have ripped into them at times over their customer service, but I will give credit where credit is due and kudos to them for changing my opinion of them. Now, we’ll see if any of the billing related to this gets screwed up in any way. It’s happened before when we’ve made changes with Rogers and it’s been painful to fix. If nothing happens on that front, I will sing their praises to anyone who asks.

Oh, I should mention one more thing. This is what I am getting in terms of Internet speed:


Slow it is not.

One other thing. You’ll recall that when the second Bell tech fixed everything, they raised my DSL profile to a 15 Mbps profile. It was highly unstable and frequently disconnecting and reconnecting. Not cool. I didn’t bother phoning Teksavvy as I knew I was going to be replacing them with Rogers.

So far life is much, much better.



2 Responses to “Migrating To Rogers Was…. Painless”

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  2. […] are excited to welcome our friend the IT Nerd to the Rogers family. In a recent blog post, he wrote about customer recommendations that led him to switch to Rogers. He said that since […]

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