New MacBook Pro Owners Report GPU Issues… Oy Vey

The bad news continues for owners of the new Apple MacBook Pros. Reports are starting to appear from a number of early recipients of the new MacBook Pros that there are a variety of GPU related issues ranging from ‘tearing’ to random red or black bars to unrecoverable crashes.

One user actually posted a video to YouTube illustrating the issue:

It is not clear how widespread this issue is. But given the USB-C fiasco which they tried to walk back, the lack of ability to repair or upgrade, or the lack of support for three finger drag gestures, their new and cool notebook seems to be a major headache for Apple.

Hopefully they have lots of “courage” to remedy these apparently defective computers.


4 Responses to “New MacBook Pro Owners Report GPU Issues… Oy Vey”

  1. […] fix coming out. Kudos to Apple on that front. Now let’s seem them do the same thing with that GPU issue, or that three finger drag […]

  2. […] it should be, low repairability scores from iFixit, problems with the three finger drag gesture, problems with the GPU, there have been problems with Boot Camp which have been since fixed. Not exactly the sort of good […]

  3. […] want to be totally negative, let me tell you what Apple did right with this update. They fixed that GPU problem that affected new MacBook Pro users. See, they did something that users will thank them […]

  4. […] PR got lots of bad PR this year. Whether it was their new MacBook Pro which had a laundry list of issues and complaints when it shipped, the fight with US law enforcement over unlocking the San […]

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