Another Apple Security Flaw Found…. This Time In HomeKit

9to5mac is reporting that yet another security hole in an Apple product has been found. This time it’s the HomeKit framework when used with the recently released iOS 11.2. The flaw allowed remote access by those of ill intent to HomeKit devices. So a real world example of this that the miscreant could say, unlock your doors if you had HomeKit compatible smart locks, and then disable your security cameras if you had HomeKit compatible security cameras before pillaging your home.

Clearly this was not a trivial issue.

However, the only good news out of all of this is that Apple has fixed most of the problem as I type this. Some of the fixes are coming on the server side of the fence. The rest of the fixes will show up in a iOS update that is coming next week. The only catch is that remote access for HomeKit users is disabled until that iOS update comes out.

At this point you have to ask yourself what has gone wrong with Apple’s QA as this highlights what I said about it being an #EpicFail. It never used to be this bad and we’ve now had over a week of solid security issues that are hitting the news. Clearly Apple has dropped the ball in a big way and they really need to pull up their socks or they’ll be ridiculed like Microsoft was in the early 2000’s when they went through their security nightmare.


One Response to “Another Apple Security Flaw Found…. This Time In HomeKit”

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