Telus Launching Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular Sales TODAY

If you’re Canadian and you want an option other than Bell to get an Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS + Cellular from, Telus can help you with that starting today.

Telus customers can add an Apple Watch for $10 per month to their SharePlus data plan, and that includes 1GB of data on top of whatever they have. Now, that is $5 more than what Bell is asking for. But Bell isn’t serving up the extra gig of data.  A $20 connection fee also applies. One other note is that Telus customers will need watchOS 4.2 installed before the head to their local Telus store. As soon as there’s a link online to order, I will post it here.

So that leaves Rogers being the only one of the big three who don’t support the Apple Watch on their network. Their latest Tweets seem to point to a 2018 launch for support. But I would suspect that by the time that they have support, many die-hard Apple fans would have switched to Telus and Bell by then.

UPDATE: Here’s a link to get to the Telus page for the Apple Watch. One thing that I did note on the page is the fact that you get the first three months of Apple Watch service free. That more than offsets the $20 setup charge (or eSIM charge as they call it).


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