LinkedIn Report Reveals How Talent Leaders Are Preparing For Gen Z’s Debut In The World Of work

LinkedIn launched its Generational Learning Study, revealing that Canadian L&D leaders are preparing for two simultaneous pressures: the changing world of work, and the shifting expectations accompanied by Gen Z’s debut in the workforce.

The future of work is being shaped by disruptive technologies like automation and these advances bring with it a shift in skill sets. As the first cohort of workers that grew up with the internet, these digital natives are keen to learn, so how should L&D leaders prepare for their debut in the workforce?

Here’s what L&D leaders know:

  • Technical skills are changing faster than ever. Ninety-five per cent of L&D leaders said the skills necessary for today’s workforce are different from those of previous generations. Over half of which (57%) said the biggest differences in skills is the focus on technical proficiency – using tools like email, Office, or shared file systems while only a quarter (17%) believe the biggest changes are among hard skills like cloud computing and data mining.
  • Soft skills may be Gen Z’s Achilles heel. Sixty-nine per cent of L&D leaders expect Gen Z will need extra support around the development of soft skills – communication, teamwork and time management.
  • Financial incentives are a motivator to learn. Thirty-two per cent of L&D leaders expect Gen Z will learn professional skills to earn more money.
  • Gen Z want to learn on their own terms: Forty-six per cent of L&D leaders believe Gen Z will have a shorter attention span than other generations. Twenty-four per cent of L&D leaders plan to offer a self-directed approach to learning.

You can read the blog post featuring key findings here.

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