My Apple Watch Band Collection

As many of you know, I’ve owned several iterations of the Apple Watch. I’ve had the Series 2, the Series 3 with GPS, and the Series 3 with GPS + Cellular and Series 4 with GPS + Cellular. But some of you have asked what bands do I wear on a regular basis. Thus I decided to write a quick article on what bands I use regularly. As in not ones that I have and maybe worn long enough to review it, but ones I use frequently whenever I need a different look or when I need something when work out.

Let’s start with what I store my watch bands in. Which is the Twelve South TimePorter


This has enough space to hold all my Apple Watch bands. Plus you can put an Apple Watch charger in it along with a slim battery pack to allow you to charge on the go. You can even fold it up to a 45 degree angle to use it as a display stand which is a great use case for a hotel room. It’s $60 CDN or $40 USD and is available from the Twelve South website or from selected retailers. It’s totally worth it if you have a number of Apple Watch bands.

Now to the bands themselves. For sporting purposes, I am currently using the Tech Bergen Sport Loop Flash Band:


As you can see, it is reflective. Something that you previously only get with the Nike Edition Apple Watch as it is not sold separately. At least not at the time I am typing this. And you can precisely adjust it so that it is comfortable and pick up your heart rate accurately, while ensuring that the Apple Watch stays firmly on your wrist. At $15.99 CDN on Amazon it’s totally worth it. Now in addition to this strap, I also put a Road ID For Apple Watch onto it which will provide emergency information to first responders should the worst happen when I am out on a ride or on a hike. You can’t be too careful these days.

Now for everyday use, I use the Dalinch Apple Watch Stainless Steel Mesh Milanese Loop


At $20 CDN is a whole lot cheaper than the $200 that Apple wants for their version. It looks classy and goes with pretty much anything that I wear. But it seems not be available for sale on Amazon anymore which is a shame as it’s quite a good option.

When I want to go slightly more upscale for a special event, I turn to the Jisoncase 2-in-1 Genuine Leather Wrist Band For Apple Watch:


It’s a leather strap that provides a classy look which adds a turn of style to your Apple Watch. So if you’re going to a formal event, you can have your Apple Watch dressed to match. At $17.15 USD, this is a bargain.

That’s my Apple Watch band collection. What Apple Watch bands do you use? I’d be interested in hearing from women with Apple Watches as seeing as I have put forward a collection for men. Thus I figure that many women would be interested in what women use. But male users should join in on the conversation as well by leaving a comment and sharing their thoughts.


2 Responses to “My Apple Watch Band Collection”

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