The First Lawsuit Over The Rogers Outage Has Been Filed

You knew this was coming sooner or later. And an upset Rogers user in Quebec has become the first person to file a lawsuit over the catastrophic outage that Rogers had last Friday:

The class-action suit, which has not yet been authorized by a judge, was filed by the law firm LPC Avocat Inc. in Superior Court on Monday in Montreal. The suit is seeking $400 for members who are Rogers customers affected by the network failure on July 8 and 9. It is also seeking compensation for Rogers sub-brand customers, like Fido Mobile and Chatr Mobile.

Arnaud Verdier of Quebec is named as the applicant in the legal filing. A Rogers customer since June 2020, he was “flabbergasted” that his carrier was only offering as compensation for the outage a credit equivalent to two days of service to customers, according to the application to authorize the class-action suit.

Now if you’re wondering where the two days of compensation comes from, it came to light today via that this is what Rogers is offering for compensation. Which led me to say this:

It also seems that besides driving Rogers customers to Bell, they’re suing too.

Expect more lawsuits to be filed in the coming days. Which should keep Rogers lawyers very busy and perhaps force the telco to rethink how they are handling this.

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