BREAKING: Rogers Is Now Offering A Five Day Credit For Their Catastrophic Outage…. And It’s Still A Joke

The blowback from last Friday’s Rogers Outage has been epic. There’s been the first of many lawsuits, the CRTC is demanding answers, the feds wants all three major telcos to help each other, and most importantly the Canadian public is mad. And I mean MAD.

Rogers is clearly feeling the heat. And that is why I am guessing that this Tweet just appeared on Twitter:

So, does this earn back my trust? No. Let’s start with doing some math shall we? Using Rogers Q1 numbers we can figure out what this is costing Rogers:

  • Rogers saw average revenue per user of $57.27 per month in Q1 2022.
  • Assuming 30 days in the month, that’s a $1.90 a day.
  • A five day credit is $9.55.
  • Rogers had roughly 10 million wireless customers at the time. So this is costing them $95,500,000 CDN.

Here’s the rub: Rogers pulled in $2.14 billion in revenue For that quarter. This to be frank is a rounding error for Rogers as this is in the single digit percentages of their Q1 revenue. Thus while this is an improved credit, it’s still a joke. I say that because it’s pretty clear that Rogers either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care that individuals lost money, businesses lost money, and people couldn’t phone 9-1-1 in emergency situations like this person. So while Rogers is saying that they are listening and want to earn back Canadian’s trust, this doesn’t come close to cutting it. Here’s what will. Rogers need to answer these questions:

  • In detail, what caused the outage on Friday Rogers? 
  • What specific steps is Rogers taking to address the shortcomings that caused this outage?
  • When will the steps above be completed by Rogers?
  • Why should Canadians trust Rogers ever again?

Yes, some of those answers are coming. But it would be wise of Rogers to answer those questions now, and bundle that with a credit that recognizes that their outage caused significant damage. Because they need to do more than give the Canadian public lip service because of that.

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