Feds To Canadian Telcos: You Have 60 Days To Come Up With A Network Safety Plan

Sort of like being called to the principal’s office, TELUS, Bell, and Rogers were called virtually onto the carpet of François-Philippe Champagne, Canada’s Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry today. TELUS and Bell have to have been wondering why they were summoned to meet with the minister seeing as Rogers is the one who crippled the country on Friday with after effects still being felt. But based on this series of Tweets, the minister sent all three telcos home with some homework:

So the three telcos have to figure out how to play nice in the sandbox together in the event of an emergency. And they have 60 days to figure it out. That’s interesting. The last Tweet is the one that caught my eye though. That last Tweet sounds like a veiled threat of some sort. I for one will be interested to see if he follows through on that. Hopefully starting with stopping the Rogers/Shaw merger. But that’s likely a long term thing. The short term being the next 60 days should be interesting to watch.

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