The CEO Of Rogers Puts Out Another Statement… I’m Not Impressed

You get the sense that Rogers knows that it is in deep trouble because of Friday’s catastrophic outage. Thus they are trying find any way possible to make this go away. Which is why it doesn’t surprise me that a second message from Rogers CEO Tony Staffieri has been released:

Our network outage last Friday was unacceptable. Simply put, we failed on our promise to be Canada’s most reliable network.

This outage caused real pain and significant frustration for everyone. Canadians were not able to reach their families. Businesses were unable to complete transactions. And critically, emergency and essential calls could not be completed.

No one – not our customers, our governments, and not us – is anywhere close to finding what happened acceptable. 

Now we have to make things right.

Our network is fully operational to the standards you have come to expect. Our customer service representatives are working around the clock and have caught up on the backlog of issues. We have also increased the credit on all our customers’ bills, as some of you experienced longer delays in resuming services.

In speaking to many of you, it is clear that what matters most is that we ensure this doesn’t happen again.

You have my personal commitment that Rogers will make every change and investment needed to help ensure that it will not happen again.

As well, working with governments and our industry, we will implement what is needed to ensure that 911 and essential services can continue, no matter what outage may occur.

I understand that it is only through our actions, and with time, that we can restore your confidence in us. We can and will do better.

So he’s mentioned the five day credit that Rogers is now offering, which I don’t think is enough but I won’t go there today. And there’s a vague reference to the fact that they have 60 days to come up with a plan with Canada’s other telcos to ensure this doesn’t happen again. I also question if the network is fully operational as I am still hearing reports of Rogers customers being down.

Now while there is contrition in this message, and the understanding that actions speak louder than words. I for one don’t see action items that Rogers could be held accountable for. And I still don’t see any root cause that they are putting on the table. I point that out because it would help their cause if they are transparent with Canadians. And this message gives me the feeling of they’ve only being as transparent as they feel is required. Maybe it has something do with the CRTC investigation or the lawsuit that was just filed. Either way. I’m not impressed by this statement. It doesn’t go far enough, and it doesn’t give the incentive for anyone to ever trust this telco again.

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