So Much For Being “Committed To Canadians”…. Rogers Goes Down For Many In Ontario And Quebec…. And Shockingly, That’s Not The Bad News For Rogers

Days after coming out with talking points where Rogers claimed to be “Committed To Canadians” and having said talking points just destroyed by virtually everyone who saw them, there has been another sizeable outage with the troubled telco. Downdetector showed outages for people in Ontario and Quebec yesterday, and the reaction on Twitter was swift and brutal:

The last tweet was especially biting as Rogers social media team really overuses phrases like “outages are the worst” when talking to customers. They really need to stop saying stuff like that as it is patronizing.

In any case, that surprisingly the least of Rogers issues. In a major blow to the troubled telco, the Rogers outage in July is now relevant to Rogers attempt to take over Shaw says the Competition Tribunal:

Canada’s Competition Tribunal has ruled that the Rogers Communications Inc. July 8 service outage is relevant to the upcoming hearings on the telecom giant’s $26-billion takeover of Shaw Communications Inc.

The outage affected millions of Canadians, and to make sure it doesn’t happen again, Rogers is committing $10 billion over three years on network upgrades and will spend $150 million on customer credits.

The ruling comes after Rogers released a commercial last week outlining what it is doing to earn back the trust of Canadians.

And the bad news continues for Rogers. There’s also this bad news for the troubled telco:

In a separate court document filed on Aug. 15 and made available to the public Monday, the tribunal says the proposed sale of Shaw-owned wireless carrier Freedom Mobile to Quebecor Inc.’s Videotron Ltd. is not an “effective remedy” as it “fails to eliminate the substantial lessening and prevention of competition” the transaction could cause.

The suits at One Mount Pleasant which is where Rogers HQ is must really be thinking what else can go wrong for them. Because they’re taking hits on all fronts, and you have to wonder if they can recover from these hits that they’re taking.

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