The French Slap Apple With A $8.5 Million Fine Over Privacy… Apple Vows To Appeal

Apple has been hit with a $8.5 million fine by the French for the following reason that I translated into English:

Following a complaint relating to the personalization processing of advertisements broadcast in the App Store, the CNIL carried out several checks in 2021 and 2022 in order to verify compliance with the applicable regulations.

The CNIL services found that under the old version 14.6 of the iPhone operating system, when a user went to the App Store, identifiers serving several purposes, including the purposes of personalizing advertisements distributed on the App Store, were by default automatically read on the terminal without obtaining consent.

Due to their advertising purpose, these identifiers are not strictly necessary for the provision of the service (the App Store). Consequently, they must not be able to be read and/or deposited without the user having expressed his prior consent. However, in practice, the ad targeting settings available from the iPhone’s “Settings” icon were pre-checked by default.

In addition, the user had to perform a large number of actions to successfully deactivate this parameter since this possibility was not integrated into the initialization process of the telephone. The user had to click on the “Settings” icon of the iPhone, then go to the “Privacy” menu and finally to the section entitled “Apple Advertising  ” . These elements did not make it possible to collect the prior consent of users.

Consequently, the restricted training, the body of the CNIL responsible for pronouncing the sanctions, noted a breach of article 82 of the Data Protection Act and sanctioned the company APPLE DISTRIBUTION INTERNATIONAL with a fine of 8 million euros. , made public.

It justified this amount by the scope of the processing limited to the App Store, by the number of people concerned in France and the profits that the company derives from the advertising revenue indirectly generated from the data collected by these identifiers and by the fact that the company has since brought itself into compliance.

A company that touts that it is privacy first gets hit with a fine over violating privacy. That’s ironic. But regardless, Apple is going to appeal:

Good luck with that argument Apple as when you go up against EU countries for this sort of thing, big tech more often than not loses. This comes hot on the heels of Meta getting slapped with one hell of a fine today. So you have to wonder when is it Twitter’s turn.

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