Apple Puts Out A Campaign For Data Privacy Day… While Being Sued For Data Privacy Issues

I really find the fact that Apple is celebrating Data Privacy Day which is January 28th with a full campaign highlight that they apparently protect the privacy of its users ironic. But before I get to the ironic part, let’s get to the campaign that Apple is running. First, there are dedicated privacy-focused “Today at Apple” sessions. According to Apple, in this session, attendees will learn how they can customize each feature based on their individual privacy preferences. Which I suppose is a good thing. You can sign up for the “Taking Charge of Your Privacy on iPhone” session starting today on Apple’s website in the “Today At Apple” section in your country.

Second, there’s a short film that stars Ted Lasso star Nick Mohammed who plays “Nate the Great” on the show:

Now to the ironic part. Currently there are a total of three separate lawsuits relating to the lack of privacy on the iPhone that Apple is currently dealing with. While nothing has been proven in court, it’s clear that the “reality distortion field” is set to full strength at Apple Park as clearly they don’t see the irony here. And perhaps, maybe their MARCOMM people didn’t really think this through. Or they’re banking on the fact that the average Joe hasn’t heard of the three lawsuits in question. Either way, I am not sure that this is a good look for Apple.

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