iPad Coming To Canada In Late May

People up here in the Great White North who have lusted after an iPad have been waiting impatiently for a official availability date from Apple Canada. Today, that date was announced…. Sort of. Apple posted a new iPad page on their Canadian site to announce that Canadians can pre-order an iPad on May 10th and they’d get it in “late May.” Why is that? Here’s why:

Faced with this surprisingly strong US demand, we have made the difficult decision to postpone the international launch of iPad by one month, until the end of May. We will announce international pricing and begin taking online pre-orders on Monday, May 10. We know that many international customers waiting to buy an iPad will be disappointed by this news, but we hope they will be pleased to learn the reason-the iPad is a runaway success in the US thus far.

I’m guessing that some fanbois are not going to be happy about that. But at least it’s coming.

And to add to the fun, my “best friends at Rogers” sent me a note to say that the iPad will be on the Rogers network in May as well. A post on Rogers Red Board has some details that will likely get fleshed out closer to the launch date. No word from Bell or Telus if they will be offering plans for the iPad as well. My guess is no, but I suspect that we’ll see shortly if I’m right.

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