#KeyboardGate Is Back As New MacBook Pro Keyboards Seem To Have The Same Problems As The Old Keyboards

You might recall that Apple with the previous generation MacBook Pro was facing complaints about keyboard failures on a significant scale. That included lawsuits being filed over the issue which included three that I have reported on. This led Apple to extending free repairs on the keyboards to four years, even though they claim that this only was happening on a “small percentage” of keyboards. Which of course is inaccurate and their response was lame from where I sit. Fast forward to the end of the summer when Apple released new MacBook Pros which had a redesigned keyboard. That was something that Apple denied that they were doing, despite documents from Apple saying the opposite. So that meant that #KeyboardGate is dead right?

Apparently not. Casey Johnston, writing for The Outline had this to say:

But checking around online, it appears the new keyboards have the same old issues. They may be delayed, but they happen nonetheless. The MacRumors forum has a long thread about the the “gen 3 butterfly keyboard” where users have been sharing their experiences since Apple updated the design. “How is everyone lse’s keyboard doing? I rplaced th first one because ‘E’ and ‘O’ gave double output. The replacment ither eats “E”, “O”, “I” and “T”, or doubles them,” wrote one poster. “I didn’t correct the typos above on purpose.”

“I have had to bring mine (maxed out version of 2018 15″) twice to a local [authorized Apple service provider] for repairs,” said another. The letter “O” and the spacebar repeat themselves twice or more times with just a single keystroke, normal typing. The letter “O” has that issue consistently while the spacebar has it randomly… I’m out of business for 2 weeks now and I don’t know what to do about it.”

This does not inspire confidence. The keyboard issues are the single reason why I am still using my 2015 MacBook Pro that had this issue not existed, would have been replaced by now. In short, Apple’s issues with their keyboards, their reluctance to typical Apple fashion to even admit that there is a problem, and their inability to fix the issues related to #KeyboardGate is keeping yours truly from dropping $5000 on a new MacBook Pro. And if I am reluctant to spend any money on new Apple hardware, it’s a safe bet that others feel the same way.

Here’s the good news in all of this. When Apple claimed that the new MacBook Pro keyboards didn’t solve this problem, at least they were telling the truth.

So Apple, isn’t it time that you actually said and did something about #KeyboardGate? I know that’s not your style. But this has gone on far too long and your customers deserve better.


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