If You’re Having Issues With Rogers Email Right Now, Here’s The Workaround Until They Figure Out How To Fix It

If you’re a Rogers customer, you’re no doubt aware of the fact that they’ve had numerous issues in the last week. I’ve documented them here and here. The one that has been most upsetting to customers is the fact that anyone who uses Rogers email service (in other words they have a @Rogers.com address) cannot get their email. And like I said earlier, this has been going on since at least Wednesday night as far as I can tell, and there seems to be no fix for this.

What the issue appears to be from as far as I can tell is that Rogers and Yahoo which is Rogers email provider have issues where email clients such as Microsoft Outlook or your smart phone can’t properly authenticate to Rogers and Yahoo. There also seems to be an issue where trying to create App Specific Passwords for Rogers email accounts in the Rogers Member Center does not work. This is leaving many users of Rogers email service dead in the water with no email.

The workaround for this is to open a web browser and go to https://mail.yahoo.com and enter your Rogers email account details there. The password that you should use is the one for Rogers Member Center. This will at least allow you to view and reply to email on the web. And while this is a sub optimal workaround for many, it’s the only workaround that exists right now.

A secondary issue is that you might have tried to reset your email password under the belief that you were using the wrong password. If that’s you, I have some bad news for you. The only way to truly reset your email password is to dial into Rogers to do that. The good news is that once you hit a human, it doesn’t take long to do that. The bad news is that I am hearing wait times of three hours or more to actually get to a human. And I am also hearing that people are getting disconnected while waiting for a human to come onto the line. Which punts you to the back of the line.

Now I’ve spoken to my sources within Rogers and this is something akin to a 9-1-1 event for them and it is being actively being worked on. While they are trying to get everything working again as quickly as possible, they’ve told me that this is something that may not be resolved until sometime next week at the earliest. If that’s true, then that may be enough to push people over the edge and make them switch ISPs. And Rogers is very aware of that from what I have been told. I’ve also heard that Rogers CSRs have been given permission to work out deals with individual customers based on how mad the customer is. So if you’re in this boat, you might want to keep that in mind.

Now I’ve written about why you should never rely on your ISP’s email service as it’s a means to lock you into a using a your ISP. While I didn’t write about this scenario in that article, this scenario may encourage you to seek other options for your email. Thus I encourage you to read that article and take action as you see fit. In the meantime, I am keeping an eye on this as I have numerous clients who use Rogers email, and who are stuck in this scenario. Which means I will post a follow up the second that I hear this is resolved. Whenever that is as there seems to be no light at the end of this tunnel.

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