Rogers May Actually Be Fixing Their Email Issues… Please Help Me To Confirm This

Here’s a quick update to the Rogers email issues which have been ongoing for months with seemingly no resolution. But before I get to that, here’s a quick refresher in case you’re new to this fiasco that Rogers has inflicted upon their customers:

  • I first reported on issues with Rogers email, and the inability to generate app specific passwords to allow users of Rogers email to use email clients like Outlook and Thunderbird on March 7th.  
  • This issue dragged on for months. There is a workaround, but that workaround is sub optimal to say the least. And as this issue dragged on into April, I was left with no other option than to recommend to my many clients who are affected by this to dump Rogers as their email provider.
  • Rogers has sort of admitted that there is an issue. But it took them a very long time to do that.

That last update was in the middle May. We’re now in July and I still have a number of clients who have been suffering from this issue. Some of them just got fed up and stopped using Rogers email. Or they got fed up and stopped using Rogers entirely. But some have hung on using Rogers Webmail which is the only way they can get email from Rogers.

However this might be changing. At this point I have only tested this once so I need a bigger sample size to confirm the this is a workable and reliable solution. But here’s what I did with a client yesterday.

Using Microsoft Outlook, I walked through the wizard to create a new email account. Instructions for using that wizard can be found here. As part of that process, this popped up:

Now the credentials that they are asking for are your email address ( for example), and your password. Specifically the same password that you would use for Rogers webmail. If you enter those credentials, it will do some work in the background and set up an IMAP email account that works perfectly. Though I will note that I had to try this three times before I got to that point, which implies that this does not work perfectly. But based on the sample size of one, it did work.

I would like to hear from others who have issues Rogers email. Does the above instructions work for you? Or has your email just “magically” started to work again? I encourage you to leave a comment below with your feedback as I would like to enhance the above instructions and get a better idea of how well this works for users of Rogers Email.

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