Rogers Continues To Have Issues That Are Making Customers Irate

When my phone started to ring an hour ago, I knew I was going to have a busy day. I say that because I woke up this morning to Rogers continuing to have issues with various parts of their network. I have clients who have no email. I also have clients with no Internet. And Down Detector seems to confirm this:

I suspect that as the day goes on, user reports of problems will increase seeing as it’s 8AM as I type this. So, given that I documented that Rogers was having issues earlier this week, I think it’s safe to say that they haven’t fully recovered from those issues. In fact it may be getting worse. And it’s testing the patience of their customers:

Rogers really has some serious explaining to do as on the surface, they have the reliability of Twitter at the moment. And that’s not good company to be in. If Rogers were smart, they would communicate with their customers about what is going on, what steps they are taking to restore service, and when that is going to happen. But from what I see on Twitter and what my clients are reporting to me, that’s not happening. And that really reflects poorly on Rogers. And it’s now to the point where my clients are asking me what they should do, and I have no choice but to respond that they should consider moving to Bell if they can. That won’t help my clients with email issues, but it will help the ones with Internet issues.

Rogers needs to do better. And they need to do better now.

UPDATE: I’ve posted a workaround for those who have issues with sending or receiving Rogers email here.

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