The IT Nerd’s Media Appearances

I am available for interviews, public appearances, speaking engagements, and anything else that relates to technology, smartphones, cars, computer security, or anything along those lines. Inquiries should be sent directly to In terms of interviews, Email, Skype, telephone, and in-person are all options. For in-person interviews, we obviously both need to be in the same place, which at the moment means the Greater Toronto Area. Of course, if you are outside the Greater Toronto Area, then you’ll need to cover the costs of getting me from where I am to where you need me to be.

Below are some examples of some appearances that I have done:

#TotallyTech with Kevin David: Fold it up

Hear The IT Nerd On AM640 Radio On Saturday With @Gregcarrasco… Tune In!

The IT Nerd Returns To The @Gregcarrasco Show This Saturday [UPDATED]

The IT Nerd Is Back On The @Gregcarrasco Show This Saturday [UPDATED]

The IT Nerd Returns To The Greg Carrasco Show This Saturday [UPDATED]

I did an impromptu appearance on the Greg Carrasco Show at the Canadian International Autoshow in Feb 2016. You can find the audio here.

The IT Nerd Is On The Greg Carrasco Show This Saturday

The IT Nerd speaks about living with the 2016 Hyundai Tucson Limited for a year on the Greg Carrasco Show. 

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