The IT Nerd – Press Kit

The IT Nerd is an independent resource on technology news and product reviews of everything from smartphones to cars. There are also stories on travel as well. The content has a Canadian angle and is written by Canadians. Content is posted Monday to Friday for the most part.

Based on the statistics that are tracked, we have found the following:

  • Canadians, Americans, and the United Kingdom make up the readership in that order.
  • The demographic is male, predominately 35-44, followed by 18-35.
  • Reviews of computer accessories, cars, smart home technology, and mobile phones are heavily viewed.

The IT Nerd has a readership of 3,000 to 5,000 unique visits a day as of January 2020. All stories are also cross posted to Twitter via @The_IT_Nerd.

Reviews are a combination of products supplied by manufacturers and PR agencies, and those that are independently purchased. If you are a company who wishes me to review your product, please be advised that your best way to ship your product is with FedEx or UPS as Purolator is incapable of delivering to my address.

Inquiries should be directed to

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