I have started to document all of my business and sometimes personal travel as I typically have to use technology such as laptops and smartphones in interesting places and situations. Plus I note things that aren’t in any travel guide that I have read. Hopefully my experiences helps you when you travel. I’ll also add travel tips that I’ve found handy to this page as well.

What’s In The IT Nerd’s Bag When He Travels? The 2017 Edition.

Your Laptop Can Be Searched Or Seized By US Customs.. Here’s How To Avoid That…

Guess What? Canada Border Services Agency Searches Your Laptop Too

My Trip To The UK

This was a one week trip to the West Midlands in the UK to help an emerging tech company deliver exceptional customer service among other things. This is the typical business trip that I take. But it should provide some insight in terms of what happens on one of these trips.  

Part 1 – Leaving Toronto

Part 2 – Arriving In The UK

Part 3 – Accommodations

Part 4 – Navigating The West Midlands

Part 5 – Heading Home

Part 6 – Home At Last

My Trip To India And Australia

This is a two week journey to Gurgaon India and Melbourne Australia to help two separate companies with their technology needs. This is the longest business trip I’ve ever attempted. That means that the challenges that I face will be very interesting. 

Part 1 – Fun With Visas And Flights

Part 2 – What Tech Am I Traveling With?

Part 3 – The New Hard Drive

Part 4 – Leaving Toronto

Part 5 – Flying To Dubai

Part 6 – Welcome To India

Part 7 – Accommodations And Transport In India

Part 8 – SIM Cards, Status, And Sights

Part 9 – Indira Gandhi Airport

Part 10 – Return To Dubai

Part 11 – Welcome To Australia

Part 12 – Accommodations In Australia

Part 13 – Transport In And Around Melbourne

Part 14 – Sights In The Melbourne CBD

Part 15 – Melbourne International Airport

Part 16 – The Qantas A380 & LAX [UPDATED]

Part 17 – Home At Last

A Trip To The UK Goes Sideways

I went to the UK to work for a client, but things didn’t go as planned. 

My Worst Travel Day Ever Thanks To Air Canada

So I Finally Made It To The UK……

So, I Survived My Trip To The UK…

My Return To India

I went to India to do some work for a company that I’ve worked for before. However, they opened their new offices in Gurgaon India, as well as attended an event at the Canadian High Commissioner’s home in New Delhi. As a bonus, I got to see the Taj Mahal. That is a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. 

Part 1: Visa, Flights And Tech

Part 2: Welcome To India

Part 3: A Night Out

Part 4: A Day Trip To The Taj Mahal

Part 5: Opening A New Office

Part 6: Canada Residence

Part 7: The Voyage Home Begins

Part 8: A Very Long Day

My Trip To India & Germany

This was a pretty grueling trip for me as I visited two customers on two continents in just under one week. But it also gave me an opportunity to test out Rogers Roam Like Home roaming feature as I recently switched my mobile phone back to Rogers and readers wanted to know what I thought of the feature.

My Trip To India & Germany – Part 1

My Trip To India & Germany – Part 2

My Trip To India & Germany – Part 3

My Trip To India & Germany – Part 4

My Trip To India & Germany – Part 5

My Trip To India & Germany – Part 6

My Trip To India & Germany – Part 7

My Trip To India & Germany – Part 8

The Great Canadian Road Trip

Seeing as this is Canada’s 150th birthday, the Canadian dollar at 80 cents relative to the US dollar, and the politics in the US that makes traveling there potentially difficult, it made staying in Canada to travel a no brainer. This travelogue documents our trip from Toronto to Newfoundland and back.

Part 1- Toronto To Quebec City

Part 2 – Quebec City To Moncton

Part 3 – Moncton To North Sydney Via PEI

Part 4 – North Sydney To Corner Brook

Part 5: – Day 1 In Gros Morne

Part 6: – Day 2 In Gros Morne

Part 7 – Day 3 In Gros Morne

Part 8 – Day 4 In Gros Morne

Part 9 – Getting Ready To Head Back To Toronto

Part 10 – Corner Brook To Sydney NS

Part 11 – Sydney To Moncton

Part 12 – Moncton To Quebec City

Part 13- Quebec City To Toronto

My Fourth Trip To India

This latest trip to India had a bit of everything. Smog, unruly passengers, you name it. But despite all of that, I’ll likely be making a 5th trip to India.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Our 2018 Vacation

This travelogue documents our trip from Toronto to Ottawa for a cycling event. Then from Ottawa to Gananoque for a variety of activities over a 7 day period.

Part 1: Ottawa

Part 2: Day 1 In Gananoque

Part 3: Day 2 In Gananoque

Part 4: Day 3 In Gananoque

Part 5: Day 4 In Gananoque

Part 6: Day 5 In Gananoque

Part 7: Heading Home

The Great Canadian Road Trip II

We loved the road trip that we did to the east coast of Canada so much, we decided to do it again. This time, instead of going to Newfoundland, we went to Prince Edward Island.

Part 1: Toronto To Edmundston NB

Part 2: Edmundston NB To Charlottetown Prince Edward Island

Part 3: Prince Edward Island National Park

Part 4: An Ice Cream Ride

Part 5: Lighthouses, Lighthouses, & More Lighthouses

Part 6: The Farm And Cottage Ride

Part 7: The Three Hour Tour

Part 8: The Artisan Tour

Part 9: The East Point Ride

Part 10: The Voyage Home

Our Trip To France

Part 1: Getting To France

Part 2: Our First Day On French Soil

Part 3: The Market And Dinner

Part 4: Tour de France

Part 5: Chilling Out, Cars And Tech

Part 6: Heading Home

Shorter Trips:

Our Vacation In Prince Edward County – This was the first vacation in five years for my wife and I to a part of Ontario that isn’t thought of as a vacation destination.

A Day Trip To The Halton County Raidal Railway – This was a day trip to see vintage streetcars and other transit vehicles just west of Toronto. 

An Overnight Trip To Algonquin Park – This was a trip that my wife and I took to Algonquin Park and we took the 2017 Mazda3 Sport GT to get there and back.


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