It’s Been Seven Months Since The Apple Watch With LTE Was Released And Rogers Still Lacks Support

We’re now about 7 months since the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE has been launched, and Rogers who is Canada’s largest telco still lacks support for it. Now I have said each time that I have talked about this that they risk losing customers over this as other telcos, most notably Bell, are looking to snatch their customers away from them. Now there appears to be definitive proof of that. Take these for example:

You’ll note the last Tweet is yours truly. Well, having switched from Bell to Rogers about 5 years ago because of Bell’s horrible customer service, I made the decision to go from Rogers to Telus so that I could get an Apple Watch with LTE. Now I was on a retention plan with Rogers which means the cost of using my iPhone 7 Plus is going to go up a bit. But Telus offered me a deal that will minimize that impact. Plus it will get even cheaper when my wife who has been a Rogers customer for almost 20 years moves to Telus this June and we leverage the Telus Family Advantage Plan to lower our costs to the level that we are used to paying. Why is she waiting until June? Her birthday is in June and she plans to buy an Apple Watch with LTE for herself as a birthday present. Assuming I don’t get her one first.

As for Rogers, the only reason that I can think of that they haven’t rolled out eSIM support (which the Apple Watch with LTE requires) yet is that they must figure that they might as well wait until the fall when the Apple Watch Series 4 (if that is what Apple calls it) makes an appearance. I can see from Rogers point of view why they might not want that as it would ensure that they wouldn’t get stuck with a large amount of Apple Watch Series 3 models in their inventory. Plus it would give them time to make sure that eSIM support is bullet proof. The cynic in me also says that they’re counting on their Q1 results where they gained 95000 customers on the wireless side of the business offsetting any defections because of lack of eSIM support. But whatever their strategy is, it’s clearly costing them customers because all Rogers saying is that they “don’t have specific timing to share” which is frustrating to hear if you are a customer looking for a reason not to switch from Rogers. Meanwhile your buddies on Bell or Telus have the latest and greatest wearable from Apple. Add all that up and you get the PR disaster that Rogers is in where departing customers are taking shots at Rogers on social media as they leave. That from an optics perspective is craptastic.

Of course all of the above assumes that the only other possibility which is that they just can’t get eSIM support to work properly on their network for whatever reason isn’t in play. Which I hope for their sake it is not as that would truly end badly for them if that were true.

If I were Rogers, I’d come clean on what their plans are for the Apple Watch with LTE. Just lay it out there whether it is good bad or ugly. Because their current tactic of they “don’t have specific timing to share” isn’t working. But the truth might actually work because people like the truth. In short, unless they change course, many others will be joining me in leaving Rogers for another carrier. And that has to suck if you’re Rogers.


4 Responses to “It’s Been Seven Months Since The Apple Watch With LTE Was Released And Rogers Still Lacks Support”

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  2. mrGREEK360 Says:

    Rogers sucks, I bet they wont get it done till the end of 2018 if at all.

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  4. Totally agreed on the lack of transparency from Rogers and Fido here. Quite disturbing to get those vague “nothing to report for now, but we’re committed to it” BS. 🙄

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