The Great Canadian Road Trip II – Part 10: The Voyage Home

So we’ve come to the end of our second Great Canadian Road Trip. As we leave Charlottetown, I’d like to tie up some loose ends about the Hotel On Pownal. This is a good hotel that we’d recommend. They accommodated the secure storage of our bikes which aren’t exactly cheap and would not have fit in our room. And the staff were very nice and worked hard to make sure that we were comfortable.  But if I were them, They could look to improve on the breakfast front. They could offer a bit more variety in terms of what is on offer. For example, there were no pancakes or bacon on offer which is typical of most hotels that I’ve stayed at over the years. On top of that on some days seating space is at a premium with the hotel having to pull out TV trays to accommodate guests. That’s a bit lame. But other than that, this is a great place to stay.

Oh yeah, If you see this on top of your TV while staying at the Hotel On Pownal, don’t be alarmed:


When I inquired about this, the staff said it was the IR receiver for the remote control for the TV. I investigated this by looking at the back of the TV and finding the cable box mounted on the back of the TV, and a cable running to this gizmo. Thus making their explanation highly plausible.

In terms of tech, the WiFi worked well and was generally fast enough. Thus enabling my wife and I to use our laptops and smartphones. Speaking of which, here’s how we set everything up. (Note: These pictures going forward are taken with the Nikon Coolpix P1000):


My laptop lived on a desk with a backup drive attached to it so that I could back up the data on the laptop in case anything happened to it.


My wife on the other hand put her laptop along with her Twelve South TimePorter on her bedside table. You’ll also see a Nomad Lightning Cable and a Orico 4 Port USB Charger which enabled her to keep her Apple Watch and iPhone 7 Plus charged. In my case, here’s what I did:


This looks like a rats nest of cables, but let me explain. what’s going on here. I used my nightstand to charge all the lights for the bikes and both cyclocomputers. To facilitate that I used the Anker 60W 6-Port USB charger along with six Anker PowerLine Micro USB 3ft Cables. You’ll also note a clock radio that had two things going for it. First it was a bluetooth compatible and it had no sign of a Apple 30 pin dock connecter, which meant that the hotel bought this recently. Second, it had two USB ports where I plugged in my Twelve South TimePorter to charge my Apple Watch and a Native Union Lightning cable that I got as swag at a press event to charge my iPhone XS. One thing that I should note about the Apple Watch is that I only used the Urban Armor Gear Nato Strap during this trip as it could be used to ride bikes and hike which still looking good enough to go out to dinner. Though it will need a wash when we get back to Toronto. My wife on the other hand between her Nike Band and her Watch Stop Company Mesh Loop.

After packing up and checking out we made the two hour drive back up to the Confederation Bridge where we had to pay a $47.75 toll. To be clear, you don’t pay when you come into Prince Edward Island via the bridge. You only pay when you leave via the bridge.

Top Tip: There are self serve lanes where you can get in and out of the toll area quickly, and they also accept Apple Pay.

Once we were past that we were out of Prince Edward Island and back into New Brunswick. We weren’t going to stay the night in that province. Instead we were going to drive to just outside Quebec City and stay at the Holiday Inn Express Quebec Sainte-Foy which was recently renovated and highly recommended. That meant that our drive was going to be about 8 hours. But to be frank it took 10 hours because we made frequent stops along the way to refuel, take breaks and the like. But we did get to see this sort of scenery:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once we did arrive at the hotel, we were greeted with a hotel that was modern, clean, and well laid out. We were able to get our stuff along with our bikes inside in short order and relax for about an hour our so after our long drive to get there.

My wife had found a place nearby for dinner called Portofino. And though it was a challenge to get to because of major road construction, it was totally worth it as the food was outstanding. It was a great way to end this trip.

The next day after having breakfast we did the 10 hour drive back to Toronto. Some items to note about breakfast, while the Holiday Inn did serve breakfast on paper plates, they did go out of their way to recycle them. Plus they had a very good selection of food. Both of this made breakfast a very enjoyable experience.

Again, we made a number of stops for gas, breaks and the like along the way which made it 10 hours. But at the end of it it was nice to be in our own beds after being on the road for almost two weeks. Having said that, my wife and I were already talking about our next trip. We’re talking about doing some cycling in Quebec as that province is known for that sort of thing. Or doing this cycling event in Prince Edward Island next year. Or taking a trip to the United Kingdom for some cycling as it will likely be a lot cheaper to do so because of Brexit. Whatever we decide to do, you can be sure that we’ll document it here for you.

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