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Introducing Brightspark: The Ultimate Lighting Safety for Cyclists

Posted in Commentary with tags on February 20, 2017 by itnerd

If you’re a passionate cyclist like we are, safety likely ranks high among your concerns.

Especially since cycling lighting systems haven’t changed much in the last 100 years, while roads have gotten more and more crowded.

Introducing Brightspark: The Ultimate Lighting Safety for Cyclists – the first revolutionary system that puts safety concerns to bed. Brightspark has an output of up to 600 lumens per pair, which makes you more visible to drivers.


Its flashing lights resemble the turn signals used by motorcycles and cars, while the addition of red roadway lasers projects red arrows on the road to let drivers know when you’re turning. And it’s incredibly easy to use!

This rechargeable headlight set just launched on Indiegogo, so now’s your chance to be one of the first Brightspark owners in the world. Bonus: you can purchase the product with a HUGE discount.