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Review: 2017 Fiat 500X Lounge AWD – Part 1

Posted in Products with tags on April 10, 2017 by itnerd

The sub-compact crossover market is highly competitive. More so than the insanely competitive compact crossover market because of the fact that it’s a new market where every manufacturer is trying to get into. Fiat is no different as they’ve got a cute and cheery entry into this market in the form of the 500X:


If you like the look of the Fiat 500, then the look of the 500X in the form of the Lounge trim level which I am driving this week will appeal to you. It clearly looks like a Fiat as it uses exactly the same design language as the 500. The proportions seem to work and it while it does look cute, it also has the look of a proper crossover as the suspension is raised to give it ground clearance. From the looks department, Fiat has this one nailed.

My review of the Fiat 500X Lounge is made up of five parts:

  • Exterior
  • Engine, transmission, handling, fuel economy, and driving comfort
  • Interior
  • Technology in the vehicle
  • Wrap up

The next part of this review will cover the engine, transmission and driving comfort. Stay tuned for that as it will be a very interesting discussion.