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Feed Me Mobile App for Restaurants Launches

Posted in Commentary with tags on August 9, 2017 by itnerd

Montreal food and travel writer Amie Watson is releasing Feed Me on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store across Canada today.

Feed Me is a fun way to choose the best restaurant at any time of day, whether that means the best BYOB within a four-block radius, the perfect neighbourhood speakeasy or the best place to order-in after a long day at work. It includesthousands of restaurants, bars, grocery stores, cafés, bakeries and butcher listings in over 30 countries, but it’s launching first in Canada.

“The goal is to make reading the reviews fun even if you’re not hungry, like when you’re waiting for the bus or metro or at home on the couch, says the food journalist, who wrote more than 1,500 Montreal reviews herself.

The photos and the rest of the ratings and reviews come from Yelp!, but Feed Me’s swiping interface differentiates itself by gamifying the hunt for the best sushi, burger or vegetarian restaurant.

How it Works: Swipe right for ‘no’ and left for ‘yes.’ Your favourite picks are saved to a Top 10 list and your ‘no’s’ cycle back into the rotation for the next time you’re desperate (…for pizza, poutine, or burgers, we mean…). Click on the photo to read reviews, view a map, see contact information and swipe through more photos of that restaurant. When users refer a friend to the app, they’’re automatically entered into a monthly draw for a $50 gift certificate.

To take advantage of these trends, Feed Me will soon partner with delivery services and reservation services so users can snag a table at Toqué! or order Copper Branch at home without having to close the Feed Me app and open another one.

To see the app in action, download Feed Me.