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Here’s some Boxing Day deals from iRobot Canada that are now available on Here’s what is on offer:

  • Roomba i3: Regular price = $499.99, Boxing Day promo = $399.99
  • Roomba i3+: Regular price = $749.99, Boxing Day promo = $599.99

Check them out on

UPDATE: The Roomba 675 was just marked down as well. 

  • Roomba 675: Regular price = $369.99, Boxing Day promo = $299.99

iRobot Posts Black Friday Deals

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Just in time for your holiday shopping, iRobot’s Canadian deals that are now live on

Roomba 675: Regular price = $369.99 CAD. Black Friday promo = $279.99  CAD

Roomba i3Regular price = $499.99. Black Friday promo = $399.99 CAD

Roomba i3+Regular price = $749.99 CAD. Black Friday promo = $549.99 CAD

Braava jet m6 robot mop (exclusive BLACK m6)Regular price = $649.99 CAD. Black Friday promo = $549.99 CAD

Check out all these deals on today.

iRobot Introduces the Roomba® i3+

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iRobot Corp. (NASDAQ: IRBT), the leader in consumer robots, today expanded its Roomba® robot vacuum lineup with the launch of the new Roomba® i3+, a stylish new Roomba vacuum packed with advanced features. Starting at $599 USD, the Roomba i3+ offers intelligent navigation, self-emptying capability with Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal, and an expanded range of personalized cleaning features powered by the recently launched iRobot Genius Home Intelligence

Take vacuuming off your plate

Similar to the iRobot Roomba i7+ and Roomba s9+ robot vacuums, the Roomba i3+ comes equipped with the Clean Base® Automatic Dirt Disposal. With Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal, the robot empties debris on its own, with no intervention from the user. Consumers don’t have to think about emptying the bin for months at a time or worrying the robot won’t finish the job due to a full bin. The Roomba i3+ automatically empties up to 60 days’ worth of dirt and debris into the Clean Base, which doubles as the robot’s charging station. The debris is then locked away in the Clean Base’s enclosed AllergenLock™ bag that uses four layers of allergen blocking material to trap 99 percent of pollen and mold.

The Roomba i3+ purposefully and logically cleans in neat rows to navigate multiple rooms within the home, across hard floors and carpet. If the robot’s battery runs low, the Roomba i3+ will automatically recharge and resume cleaning until the job is complete.

The Roomba i3+ is also equipped with a High-Efficiency Filter that captures 99 percent of pollen, mold, dust mites, and cat and dog allergens. The robot’s 3-Stage Cleaning System consists of Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes that work together to effectively clean, a specially designed Edge-Sweeping Brush to get into corners, and 10X the Power-Lifting Suction as compared to Roomba 600 Series. Using patented Dirt Detect™ technology, the Roomba i3+ knows where dirt builds up and focuses cleaning in those specific areas.

Adapts to your life, listens to your voice

The Roomba i3+ brings a thoughtful new design that fits well into consumers’ homes, with a durable, woven texture that minimizes fingerprints and collects less dust. The hidden-until-lit light ring helps the robot blend into the background, only lighting up to communicate robot behaviors or notifications when the robot is actively cleaning.

Users can also get more out of their Roomba i3+ with the newly redesigned iRobot Home App, powered by iRobot Genius™, which takes users beyond standard app control to give them a personalized cleaning experience. Available for iOS and Android devices, iRobot’s state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and home understanding capabilities enable the Roomba i3+ to learn how you like to clean. The Roomba i3+ will offer personalized suggestions via the iRobot Home App, such as recommended cleaning schedules based on past cleaning jobs and helpful cleaning suggestions during pet-shedding or allergy seasons.

Event-based automations can be set up directly within the iRobot Home App, an exclusive capability for iRobot customers that is powered by iRobot Genius™ and IFTTT Connect. Whether you’re heading off to work or going for a hike, the Roomba i3+ can begin cleaning when prompted by location-based services like Life360 or from smart home devices, like the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. When paired with Alexa enabled devices or the Google Assistant, users can control the Roomba i3+ with just the sound of their voice. The Roomba i3+ also supports Imprint Link™ Technology so that it can team up with the iRobot Braava jet® m6 mopping robot to deliver an extra level of clean.

Pricing and Availability

The Roomba i3+ robot vacuum is available immediately for purchase online in the U.S. ($599 USD) and Canada ($749 CAD) on and, and in retailers later this September. The Roomba i3 robot vacuum can also be purchased without the Clean Base® starting at $399 USD and $499 CAD. The Roomba i3+ is expected to be available in other international markets beginning in Q1 2021.

Roomba i3+ robot vacuum photos, videos and information can be found at:

iRobot Unveils Personalized Cleaning Experiences

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iRobot is unveiling new ways to clean with the launch of iRobot Genius™ Home Intelligence – a powerful new robot platform that unlocks an expansive range of digital features and experiences for the company’s line of Wi-Fi connected products, including the Roomba® robot vacuum and Braava jet® robot mop. iRobot Genius™ gives users an unmatched level of personalization and control over their cleaning robots, accounting for their unique homes, schedules, cleaning preferences and smart home integrations.

The interface for iRobot Genius™ is a newly redesigned iRobot Home App that takes users far beyond standard app control to give them a personalized and easy to use home cleaning command and control center. The app, which works with all Wi-Fi connected iRobot products, supports cleaning based on the user’s habits and personal preferences, enabling a smarter and more efficient customer experience. It also provides greater insight into the robot’s cleaning performance. 

Cleaning where you need it
Send your robot to clean a mess right where it happens with precision Clean Zones. Using state-of-the-art robot AI, Roomba i7/i7+ and s9/s9+ robot vacuums and Braava jet m6 robot mops use machine learning to automatically detect and proactively suggest Clean Zones around specific objects, like couches, tables and kitchen counters. Users are also able to customize their Smart Map by designating their own precision Clean Zones. This allows for targeted cleaning in specific areas or around objects that attract the most common messes. Simply use the app or speak to a voice assistant device, “Roomba, clean around the couch,” and Roomba knows right where to go.

Cleaning when you need it
With iRobot Genius™, Roomba robot vacuums and Braava jet robot mops get to know your preferred cleaning routines to offer new features, like:

  • Event-based automations that let the robot know when the ideal time is to start or stop cleaning based on prompts that are defined by the user. Whether you’re heading off to work or going for a hike, the iRobot Home App can use location-based services like Life360, or take prompts from smart home devices, like the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, to know when you’re away and begin cleaning. Likewise, the robot can stop cleaning when you return. These automations can be set up directly within the iRobot Home App, an exclusive capability for iRobot customers that is powered by iRobot Genius™ and IFTTT Connect. This means users can easily integrate iRobot Wi-Fi connected products with their other household connected devices and services, like smart thermostats and locks, without having to leave the iRobot Home App. 
  • Recommended cleaning schedules are based on users’ more common cleaning patterns like cleaning on Monday mornings. Roomba i7/i7+ and s9/s9+ robot vacuums and Braava jet m6 robot mops can also provide room-specific recommendations like vacuuming the living room on Friday evenings, or in the dining room and kitchen after meals.
  • Favorites enable users to quickly create and access their own pre-set cleaning routines. Create favorites like, “After Dinner” that instructs the robot to clean the dining room and in front of the kitchen counter. Or “Bedtime” to clean the playroom and living room floors. Or “Everywhere” to clean the whole home.

Cleaning how you want it
Wi-Fi connected Roomba robot vacuums and Braava jet robot mops get smarter over time, getting to know your cleaning preferences so they understand how you want your home cleaned. New intelligence also means that iRobot products can go beyond basic scheduling to unlock powerful new location-based and smart home device integrations.  

  • New Recommended Keep Out Zones go beyond manual Keep Out Zone creation. Roomba i7/i7+ and s9/s9+ robot vacuums and Braava jet m6 robot mops can automatically learn to avoid trouble areas and recommend specific Keep Out Zones to users.
  • Seasonal recommendations offer personalized suggestions to automatically schedule cleanings or suggest times when your home may need more frequent cleaning, like pet-shedding or allergy seasons. 

Personalized cleaning experiences powered by iRobot Genius™ Home Intelligence and the new iRobot Home App will be available to customers worldwide via a software update beginning August 25. 

iRobot Serves Up Some Savings On Select Robots For Mother’s Day

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Following up on this post and launching today, and for a limited time, iRobot customers can save up to $150 on select home cleaning robots and up to $360 on select Roomba robot vacuum/Braava jet robot mop bundles. Details on their Mother’s Day deals can be found below.

Save up to $150 on select robots

  • Save $100 on Roomba s9 – now $1049.99 (was $1149.99)
  • Save $100 on Roomba i7 – now $649.99 (was $749.99)
  • Save $150 on Roomba 960 – now $499.99 (was $649.99)
  • Save $70 on Roomba e5 – now $379.99 (was $499.99)
  • Save $70 on Roomba 675 – now $329.99 (was $399.99)
  • Save $30 on Roomba 614 – now $299.99 (was $329.99)
  • Save $100 on Braava jet m6 – now $549.99 (was $649.99)
  • Save $50 on Braava jet 380t – now $329.99 (was $379.99)
  • Save $30 on Braava jet 240 – now $249.99 (was $279.99)

Save up to $360 on select bundles

iRobot Serves Up Some Great Gift Suggestions For Mother’s Day

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Moms are busy! This Mother’s Day give mom the gift of time back in her hectic day with iRobot vacuuming and mopping robots. Roomba and Braava can take the time-consuming task of cleaning floors off everyone’s “to-do” list.

With Imprint™ Smart Mapping, iRobot’s Roomba i7 robot vacuum learns, maps and adapts to your home. If crumbs spill on the floor as you’re racing out the door, you can simply tell the Roomba i7 to immediately clean the kitchen either using your Alexa or the Google Voice Assistant. Additionally, the Roomba i7 now has the ability to work with theBraava jet m6 robot mop to clean together as a team. Through Imprint Link Technology the Roomba i7 will vacuum, before communicating with the Braava jet m6 to then mop automatically – intelligently working in sequence to get the job done.

  • iRobot’s Roomba i7 ($749.99) is equipped with a premium 3-Stage Cleaning System and Dual Rubber Brushes to give users total control to clean when and where they want. Through Imprint Smart Mapping, it can also remember a home’s floor plan.
    • With Wi-Fi connectivity, the iRobot HOME App allows you to schedule and clean on the go, adjust cleaning settings, directly access customer support, and leverage voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant devices.
    • Keep Out Zones allow you to clean with added control, actively avoiding the areas you tell your robot not to go.
  • iRobot’s Roomba e5 ($449.99) features a premium 3-Stage Cleaning System that uses Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes, Power-Lifting suction and a high-efficiency filter to help thoroughly clean every day.
    • The unique Dual Multi-Surface Brushes work together to help get floors thoroughly clean. One brush loosens and agitates dirt and the other moves in the opposite direction to extract and pull it in.
    • Using patented Dirt Detect™ Technology, the Roomba e5 robot removes the dirt from high-traffic spots of a house with sensors to recognize areas that need more attention, prompting the robot to clean them more thoroughly.
    • The Edge-Sweeping Brush is specially designed to sweep debris away from edges and corners.
  • iRobot’s Braava jet m6 ($649.99) robot mop delivers fresh, clean floors throughout the entire home.
    • Using iAdapt 3.0 Navigation with vSLAM technology and Imprint Smart Mapping, it gets to know the home’s floor plan, giving users total control to choose which rooms are cleaned and when.
    • Features Maximized-Edge design to help the robot get into corners and along edges.
    • Tackles sticky messes, grime and kitchen grease with Wet Mopping mode; and captures dirt, dust and pet hair using electrostatic force in the Dry Sweeping mode.

Here Are Some New Year’s Resolutions From iRobot

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As we reflect on the last 12 months and start to think about what’s in store for the year ahead, resolutions and ways to improve in 2020 are at the top of everyone’s agenda. Whether it’s adopting a healthier lifestyle, quitting a bad habit or staying on top of household chores, according to Ipsos, eight in ten (78%) Canadians have failed to keep past resolutions.

But why? Lack of time is one of the primary reasons many are failing to keep their resolutions but, thanks to iRobot, that can now change. iRobot’s Roomba saves users an average 122 hours per year of vacuuming. 

With the push of a button, Roomba will take care of all types of floors to make sure they’re free of any dirt, dust and pet hair, giving your loved ones time to focus on the things that matter!

Below I’ve highlighted a range of iRobot’s Roomba robot vacuums:

iRobot’s latest and greatest Roomba robot vacuums:

Brand New, Max Suction! – Roomba s9+: The Roomba s9+ with Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal offers customers the deepest clean yet through a combination of design enhancements, advanced 3D sensors and a powerful new cleaning system.

  • Hugs edges and gets into corners with new PerfectEdge Technology that finds dirt where it hides.
  • Offers the most powerful cleaning throughout the entire home with 40X the suction over previous generation Roomba vacuums.
  • Features an Anti-Allergen System that traps and locks dirt, debris and allergens from escaping from the robot or its Clean Base, preventing the release of dirty air back into the home.

Pricing Details:

  • Roomba s9+ with Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal – $1,649.99 CAD
  • Roomba s9 – $1,299.99 CAD
  • Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal sold separately – $499.99 CAD


Automatic Convenience! Roomba i7+: The Roomba i7+ Robot Vacuum with Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal takes convenience to a new level – automatically emptying into an AllergenLock™ bag that holds 60 days of debris and traps 99% of pollen, mold and dust mites – so you can forget about vacuuming for months at a time.

  • Using Imprint™ Smart Mapping, the Roomba i7+ robot vacuum remembers multiple floor plans and room names so users can customize cleaning jobs, and direct the robot to clean specific rooms by voice, when paired with Alexa enabled devices or the Google Assistant, or via the iRobot HOME App.
  • With Imprint™ Link Technology, the Roomba i7+ can coordinate vacuuming and mopping jobs with its mopping robot sibling, the Braava jet m6, for an extra level of clean.

Pricing Details:

  • Roomba i7+ with Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal – $1,349.99 CAD
  • Roomba i7 – $999.99 CAD
  • Clean Base™ Automatic Dirt Disposal sold separately – $399.99 CAD


Under $500! Roomba e5 ($499.99 CAD): The Roomba e5 robot vacuum features a premium 3-Stage Cleaning System that uses Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes, Power-Lifting suction and a high-efficiency filter to help thoroughly clean every day.

  • The Edge-Sweeping Brush concentrates on edges and corners as intelligent navigation and Dirt Detect™️ technologies help the robot get around furniture and focus on areas that need it most.
  • The washable dust bin design allows users to simply rinse away dirt and debris left behind.
  • The iRobot HOME App allows users to control and schedule cleanings, monitor cleaning activity, view cleaning history, and directly access customer support. The app also updates the robot with the latest software, so it’s always up-to-date with the latest features.
  • All Wi-Fi connected Roomba robot vacuums are compatible with Alexa enabled devices and the Google Assistant.


iRobot Rolls Out OTA Software Updates That Bring New Features To Robots

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This week iRobot began rolling out a few exciting over-the-air (OTA) software updates/features for customers who own Roomba i, s and 900 Series robots, as well as the Braava jet m6 robot mop.

iRobot CEO Colin Angle speaks to the significance of these updates in his latest LinkedIn commentary.

Some highlights of the software update are include:

  • Keep Out Zones – As part of the latest over-the-air software update, owners of a Roomba i or s series robot vacuum or the Braava jet m6 robot mop, will now have Keep Out Zones. Keep Out Zones is a feature that – as the name suggests – allows users to designate areas in their home that they don’t want the robot to go, such as around pet bowls or other trouble spots. Keep Out Zones are added to a user’s Imprint™ Smart Map via the iRobot HOME App.
  • Smart Charge & Resume – When a Roomba i and s Series robot vacuum or a Braava jet m6 robot mop has a low battery, the robot will intelligently recharge for the amount of time needed to continue cleaning and get the job done. This feature will help reduce the total duration of time a robot takes to complete a cleaning job.

The software updates will automatically be applied to Wi-Fi connected robots. To help ensure the robot is updated, customers should make sure their robot is connected to their Wi-Fi network and left charging overnight on the home base. In some cases, it may take up to 24 hours to receive a software update. Actual installation of software once downloaded/received should take approximately 10 minutes. To check the robot’s software, open the iRobot HOME App, select your robot, open the settings tab and click on About “robot name.

iRobot Won’t Sell Your Data

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Remember that story about iRobot selling data about the layout of your home? Well, there’s a new story according to ZDNet:

First things first, iRobot will never sell your data. Our mission is to help you keep a cleaner home and, in time, to help the smart home and the devices in it work better.

That’s from the desk of the CEO of iRobot. When the ZDNet reporter tried to clarify things, this tidbit popped up:

The Reuters report indicated how iRobot was in talks to sell the data. Can you respond with whether that was a misinterpretation by the reporter or a misstatement on the part of Angle? Was there, in fact, never any monetary negotiations or discussions over data?

This was a misinterpretation. [Angle] never said that iRobot would look to sell customer maps or data to other companies. iRobot has not had any conversations with other companies about data transactions, and iRobot will not sell customer data.

Yeah. Right. Sure. I’d read the entire article as it’s a very interesting exercise in backpedalling.


#Fail: iRobot Wants To Sell Maps Of Your Home

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The maker of the Roomba robot vacuum, iRobot has found itself embroiled in a privacy storm after its chief executive suggested it may begin selling floor plans of customers’ homes, derived from the movement data of their autonomous servants:

No. Seriously. I am not making this up. Here’s the proof:

“There’s an entire ecosystem of things and services that the smart home can deliver once you have a rich map of the home that the user has allowed to be shared,” said [iRobot CEO Colin] Angle.

Remember the days when worrying about the Internet of Things meant that you were worrying about someone pwning said thing on the Internet and causing you some grief? Yeah, 2016 was such a good year. In any case, this is a stupid idea. Why? It’s a slippery slope. Targeted ads, law enforcement wanting to get their hands on this data…. That’s just two ways that I can think of that this can go horribly sideways. Now you could opt out…. But:

The iRobot Home app does clearly inform users that they are capable of turning off the cloud sharing functions on their Roomba. But the actual terms of service document is written in typically convoluted legal language. The privacy policy frames most data collection as something that will just make your device better and improve overall user experience. A section of the policy on sharing personal information with third parties bullet points out the situations in which iRobot could share this data.

That doesn’t inspire confidence. I’m going to keep an eye on this as this is guaranteed to blow up. Which means I’ll be reporting on this again in the not too distant future.