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Spoke Report Reveals A Shift Toward An On-Demand Workplace

Posted in Commentary with tags on March 9, 2019 by itnerd

Spoke, built from the ground up to power the on-demand workplace by delivering immediate access to knowledge and support, has released a report on The State of Employee Requests in the On-Demand Workplace, highlighting trends and insights into employee ticket requests. The report details are based on anonymous data extracted from hundreds of companies using Spoke across dozens of industries.

The unprecedented growth in on-demand consumption is spilling over into the workplace, and employees are starting to expect the same convenience afforded to them in every other sector of their lives. This report reveals the emerging trend toward a more on-demand workplace.

Among the findings:

  • On-Demand is In Demand: The median time to respond to IT incidents worldwide in a recent survey was 6 hours and 30 minutes. Employees realistically expect responses in 5 hours. With Spoke, the median average is 4 hours and 15 minutes; HR team just barely more than 2 hours.
  • Convenience is King: When given the option on how to submit tickets, 70 percent of employees choose Slack. Employees really like Slack and want to complete as many tasks on the platform as possible, including making support tickets.
  • AI Can Help: Employees want immediate access to internal knowledge and support. Using AI, Spoke is able to auto-resolve 29 percent of all tickets without human intervention. That number is even higher for HR tickets, where Spoke auto-resolves half (48 percent) of all requests made, freeing up HR departments to focus on the things that require a human touch.
  • Repetitive Requests: Naturally, many employees share the same questions. In fact, nearly 15 percent of all tickets submitted through Spoke are the same request verbatim. AI has the unique ability to resolve those repetitive requests without bogging down support teams.
  • IT Questions Kick Off the Week: Employee IT questions spike early in the work week. From computer issues to lost passwords, these requests peak by 10:00 am each day, with Monday and Tuesday seeing the highest occurrence of requests.
  • Personal Questions Peak Late in Day: Once the work starts slowing down, the HR requests start coming in. These requests, inherently personal matters like PTO and health insurance, peak toward the end of week on Thursday. On a daily basis, HR departments see the highest occurrence of requests in the afternoon at 1:00 pm. Interestingly, there is also a HR ticket spike at 9:00 pm, once families are fed and kids are asleep.
  • 80-20 Rule: Even in an evolving workplace, some things remain the same. Some people just ask a lot of questions. The data shows that just over 18 percent of employees make 80 percent of the requests.
  • Key Words: Among the most common words used in employee requests are benefits, insurance, holiday, PTO, paystub, access, email, password, Wi-Fi, laptop, and phone.
  • Hardware Issues: Hardware causes more workplace hiccups than software. In fact, the findings show that IT teams get twice the number of requests about hardware as they do about software.

Spoke’s report on The State of Employee Requests in the On-Demand Workplace compiled trends and insights based on aggregated, anonymized data extracted from hundreds of companies using Spoke across a variety of industries over the last 12 months. For more information, visit the Spoke website. To see the full report, visit the Spoke blog.