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Trilliant Implements Advanced Residential Metering Solution and IoT Platform for Golden Horseshoe Metering Systems

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Trilliant, a leading international provider of solutions for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), smart grid, smart cities and IIoT, today announced it was selected by Golden Horseshoe Metering Systems (GHMS), an energy services company, to help upgrade a residential metering system in Mississauga, Ontario. With a comprehensive IoT platform now in place, device and data management are simplified, services are improved and GHMS is able to provide an elevated experience to their customers.

Situated on 23 acres in the Greater Toronto Area, the project site is part of a redevelopment program focused on creating a connected and environmentally responsible community. With older metering equipment in place, employees had to be sent to the location to manually read meters on a monthly basis, while management and monitoring of the infrastructure remained completely reactive. An upgrade was needed that would not only improve services for the residents, but would also enhance the ability to operate the site more efficiently.

Creating a Connected Environment
Utilizing Canadian manufacturing and resources while leveraging the Power of Choice in meter and network technologies, Trilliant was able to quickly and efficiently provide a turn-key solution to GHMS including design, installation, commissioning, and professional data services. The solution comprises Trilliant’s powerful SecureMesh® network along with new smart meters at each residence.

Trilliant’s SecureMesh® platform is widely deployed in Ontario and worldwide to enable remote data collection from millions of smart meters, grid devices, and IoT sensors. Its capabilities extend beyond traditional utility applications. Thanks to its robust mesh architecture, customers are able to deploy applications — such as streetlight management and control, distributed energy resources and more — all on a unified converged platform.

With local feet on the ground and resources in Canada, Trilliant completed the implementation with GHMS in five months — a testament to the strength of the company’s local supply chain.

Onsite at DISTRIBUTECH 2023
Trilliant will take part in DISTRIBUTECH 2023 at the San Diego Convention Center (Feb. 7-9), where it will showcase its commitment to providing the power of choice with its device-agnostic platform and interoperable solutions for energy companies, utilities and smart cities worldwide. Visit Trilliant at Booth 1701 on the Exhibition Floor. 

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Trilliant Implements Smart Water Metering Solution in Canada

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Trilliant, a leading international provider of solutions for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), smart grid, smart cities and IIOT, announced the successful implementation of a wireless water metering solution in Canada, confirming its position to support challenging metering projects where strong, reliable connectivity is required. Provident, an energy services and submetering company in the Greater Toronto Area specializing in the multi-residential market, selected Trilliant’s Smart Water solution for a project in Toronto that required a basement metering solution for a number of townhomes. 

The installation of utility meters can often be a complex process with many considerations, including supply chain challenges, wiring of equipment and other factors. 

The Provident project uses Trilliant technology to enable the connection of water meters to a water meter interface unit (MIU), which can be programmed to interface with any available meter across a multitude of brands. The access point reads the MIUs wirelessly, eliminating the need to run wires through floors and walls. 

The solution for Provident was deployed on Trilliant’s AMI platform, ideally suited for hard-to-reach and battery-sensitive devices. Trilliant’s Smart Water solution is a key part of Trilliant’s smart building initiative and is revolutionizing connectivity in buildings while empowering building owners to better manage infrastructure without intrusive wired installations. Unlike other solutions, the individual MIUs don’t need to be in proximity to each other, just within reach of the access point.

Basements in particular present challenges for most wired and wireless applications, especially when attempting to install the solutions later in the construction process. There is generally poor line of sight, which can require more nodes, and weak signals overall. Trilliant’s solution offers extreme coverage and capacity while providing customers with the stringent security they need and expect. 

The deployment in Toronto demonstrates the technology’s ease and speed of installation, performance and scalability – and that it’s designed to work with virtually any system to provide a secure, powerful source of data. Trilliant has successfully implemented similar solutions in Chile, Dominican Republic, Peru, Japan and the United Kingdom. 

Ville de Granby Upgrades Its Public Lighting Network For Energy Savings And Greater Efficiencies

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Trilliant, a leading international provider of utility solutions for advanced metering and smart grid systems, and Energère, a leading energy services company based in Québec, today announced a partnership with the Ville de Granby that will enable the city to increase resident safety, reduce greenhouse emissions and realize overall energy and maintenance savings.

Energère is highly experienced in assisting cities and municipalities with lighting conversion, and will leverage Trilliant’s Internet of Things (IoT) platform as part of the solution to support the city’s upgrade of 5,794 luminaires to light-emitting diode (LED) technology. The city will integrate an intelligent lighting management system (ILS), and install 3000K warm-white, connected lighting units. Trilliant’s intelligent lighting control technology will enable real-time remote management of all lighting fixtures, optimizing operations management and reducing maintenance requirements. It will also ensure greater visibility and safety.

The new LED bulbs’ lifespan is five times longer than that of the original bulbs. As well, the “dark sky” certification of selected products for the project will reduce the amount of light emitted towards the sky, thanks to directional lighting, and will limit intrusive light shining into residences.

This initiative will result in energy and maintenance savings each year. From an environmental perspective, in addition to protecting the night sky, the city will reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 96.5 tonnes of CO2 equivalent over a 25-year period, representing the life of the lights.

Work for the Ville de Granby’s lighting conversion project is scheduled to begin the week of July 4, 2022. 

Trilliant Acquires PrimeStone

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Trilliant, a leading international provider of utility solutions for advanced metering and smart grid systems, today announces the acquisition of PrimeStone, a privately owned intelligent data collection and analytics company. The acquisition expands Trilliant’s purpose-built product suite to include a robust data solution that has the power to optimize an entire utility value chain.  

Headquartered in Bogota, Colombia, PrimeStone is the Latin American industry leader in data collection and analytics and has a customer base that reaches across the globe. PrimeStone has a strong presence across North America with Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs), federal agencies and cooperatives in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Their reach further extends into Asia and Africa, bringing a robust presence that strengthens Trilliant’s position within the global energy industry.  

The software solutions that Trilliant has acquired provide a highly scalable and configurable technology that can accurately read, store, and analyze data retrieved from industrial, commercial, and residential metering devices. PrimeStone, like Trilliant, has developed solutions that are endpoint agnostic, allowing customers the flexibility of choice in terms of their hardware. This software is synergistically aligned with Trilliant’s core business and provides customers with the market’s most intelligent communication and software solutions.

Trilliant empowers the energy industry with the only purpose-built communications platform that enables utilities and cities to securely and reliably deploy any application – on one powerful network. With the most field-proven, globally compliant solution in the market, Trilliant empowers you by connecting the world of things. Please visit for more info.