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#Fail: PC Optimum Members Pwned AGAIN…. Loblaws Blames Password Bug

Posted in Commentary with tags on April 15, 2018 by itnerd

If this wasn’t so serious, it would almost be comical. I say that because it seems that PC Optimum members have had their points stolen again according to CBC News. Keep in mind that the predecessor to this program also has had issues in the past.

Now here’s the kicker, Actually two of them. Loblaws now says that there is a “glitch” in their password system that allows a hacker to stay in the member’s account even after the password was reset. What that means is if you’ve been pwned before, you’re likely going to get pwned again. In fact, that’s already happening to people who have been had points swiped in the past.

Now Loblaws claims that the “glitch” has been fixed, and they said that only a “very small number” had been negatively affected. But I don’t buy that. At this point, I feel that given how often that Loblaws has been pwned by hackers, I seriously doubt that anything short of a third party review of their systems to confirm that any and all issues are fixed is going to reassure members that their points are safe. Because as I said here in this post:

So far, Loblaws has done a craptastic job of showing that they can do any of that with any level of competence. That needs to change and change quickly. Otherwise you will see people like my wife and I adjust where and how we shop accordingly. Which will include shopping with retailers that aren’t associated with Loblaws.

This latest incident has only reinforced my opinion that Loblaws has really dropped the ball here and customers will want to shop elsewhere because of their sheer incompetence.