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Guest Post: NordVPN Highlights The Fact That Canada Wants Backdoors In Tech Devices

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Canada has just joined the other Five Eyes  allies – Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and the US – in a renewed call to create backdoors into private citizens’ information.

The Five Eye countries demand that technology companies cooperate with law enforcement agencies to allow access to encrypted and private communications, including Facebook and text messages.

“It seems that the demands for backdoors are being made by governments that have little understanding about the way technology works,” said Ruby Gonzalez, Communications Director at NordVPN. “It’s impossible to build backdoors into smartphones and other devices without jeopardizing the overall security of that device.”

“When a backdoor is created, that device is not safe anymore. We live in the age when cybercriminals are inventing increasingly sophisticated ways to breach millions of private accounts on Facebook, to compromise tech devices or to steal personal identities. If smart devices have backdoors, cyber criminals will get the easiest way to steal private data from millions of users.”

Canadian officials, however, are claiming that encryption has created gaps for law enforcement and national security.

“Unfortunately, it’s impossible to have personal online security without dependable encryption,” said Ruby Gonzalez. “We are really concerned about the forcefulness of the Five Eye governments and a threat that if tech companies don’t collaborate, they will force backdoor upon them. It’s also important to note that if some countries do pass such a law, device makers might entirely withdraw their products from these markets.”

In the meanwhile, NordVPN recommends that smart device users take security into their own hands by using VPNs, password managers, and anti-malware software. However, if the backdoor into smart devices in indeed created, these devices might be left completely unsecured, no matter what the users do to protect them.

New Group Messaging App Yahoo Together Launches Globally

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There is a new group messaging app that launched globally today called Yahoo Together. The new app allows members to organize their group messaging experience to make it more productive and fun.

With messaging apps having 20% more monthly active users than social networks and with 36% of consumers using more than one messaging app, Yahoo Together is sure to be a perfect  fit for groups of friends, families, clubs and teams.

Some features include:

  • Topics – Replace the endless hard to follow group sms with organized groups/topics
  • Reminders – Get everyone in the right place at the right time doing the right things with smart reminders
  • Reactions – One tap reply with custom images/text/meme/in-jokes for your group
  • Attachments – Store the images, videos, music, documents, and anything else your group needs in the conversations where they matter
  • Search across conversations – Find anything later on
  • Privacy – Create as many private groups as you want, invite friends with a link with no address books needed

For more information, check out the blog post and video or you download it for free on Android and iOs.